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The final pretrial hearing for the ‘Justice for James’ trial, Walworth County; Case No 2016CF000389, the State of Wisconsin vs Dimitrius Anagnos, is scheduled for pre-trial April 26th, at 2:30 pm, in room 3045, with the 12 member jury selected for trial, at 8:30 a.m. on May 1st and 2nd at the Walworth County Judicial Center.

The problem with our system of justice is that no matter what is done, it does not make a person a better person. An offender can be caught, tried and punished, and the victim may be compensated for the wrong that occurred, but an eye for an eye only leads to more blindness. Just as not holding someone accountable and responsible in some appropriate, responsive way only leads to more crime. Despite how well justice is administered, and how fairly it may be imposed, the damage of the committed crime remains. No matter what actions the court may take; whether being lenient or being strict, it cannot undo the damage that occurred, nor can it make the person who committed the crime a better person. The best that force and fear can do is to make people more likely to be compliant (submissive) to the law, but that does not make a person a better person, only the person him, or herself, can do that.

That type of transformation is done internally by the person, and is out of the sphere of the court’s power. No one is perfect, and we have all done wrong, and we have all been victims. The wrongs that we have done or experienced may have been minor, or they may have been life altering. However, it is not the event but our reaction to it that makes us a better or a worse person, and that applies to both the victim and the offender. The choice for the victim is forgiveness, or to live with hostility and fear. The choice for the offender is to repent and change, or to reoffend and get worse. We have seen all outcomes. Where both the victim and the offender have become better people because of the experience, and conversely where both lives have been ruined because of it. The choice is up to the individuals themselves, and influenced by very few others. The response will determine their path. A path that is so easy for others to see, but so much more difficult when we are the ones who have to take it. Each of us is a unique intertwined product of our genetics and the social and physical environment in which we live. And although not necessarily of our choosing, we are held responsible for our actions, whether or not we actually control them. What will happen when Anaganos goes to trial is not known, but regardless of what happens, it will be the individual choice of those involved that will ultimately determine their own futures.

Sign of the Times

Church Sign Delavan

Oh God, yes!
 Every once and awhile a preacher for some local church gets confused, with respect to the
beliefs of his congregation and the actual actions of his congregation. You see the results of one preacher’s confusion in this sign’s question.

The wrong race in the wrong place.
The Muck-Suck Race is coming to Geneva Lake. Race planners have created a new ‘around the lake marathon’ that is going to follow the lake path all the way around. Three hundred participants are expected on Memorial Day morning. These runners, if you have ever witnessed a marathon before, spend a good deal of time going to the bathroom (without one!) everywhere along the route, not to mention some number of runners who invariably get sick. Muck-Suck is the old Indian name for the lake. These runners will also be bringing their own food and booze.

Community businesses will be getting “squat” from these people, to use an old Indian word. This race went before the Lake Geneva Park Commission and was approved. The race organization must first get permission, however, of the Lake Geneva City Council to proceed. All the fire and police departments will have to meet, coordinate, and then station personnel all around the lake for safety and accidents. Those costs will be borne by the local communities around the lake. Needless to write, just about all the lake front property owners are pretty upset. The cleanup of the path after the race will be on these property owners, as well as the liability if anyone gets hurt on the property.

In spite of all this, the race is being run for an outstanding cause. All the money raised by Christian Jensen, who’s the head of an organization called My Team Triumph, a man and an organization dedicated to cure cystic fibrosis and M.S.


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