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Venetian Fest.
Two weeks from today the wonderful carnival that ends the summer season for many begins. For the 56th year the Lake Geneva Jaycees, along with lots of help, host the Venetian Festival and will entertain everyone around the lake with great family fun in Flat Iron and Seminary Parks.  It is to be held right here in Lake Geneva. This event runs from August 15th thru 19th and will include great food and drink, games, rides, all kinds of vendors and crafts, along with live entertainment.

Back to school.
School is scheduled to start September 4th for most area schools. The Department is having a tax holiday! Wisconsin is scheduled for this tax-free shopping August 1st – 5th.  Everyone can shop for their kids and themselves, with respect to purchasing certain items like; clothes, school supplies, computer and computer accessories.  There will be no tax! There is a limitation on the amount you can spend to receive that tax break, but it’s definitely helpful. For more information check out the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue website.

Recently there has been hopeful rumors of a Meijer’s coming to several different locations in the area, and it looks like those rumors may be fact in the near future. Meijer’s Supercenter Stores are great!  Anyone can get just about anything at their stores, and that’s not surprising since they are the pioneers of the supercenter concept. The owners of Meijer Company have recently proposed building a store in the City of Delavan. Their idea is to come to Delavan and build on the old dog track property next to the new Mills Fleet Farm. Of course, there are more steps that need to be completed before permission will be extended.  Meijer will need to present a plan to the Planning Commission, present to the Delavan City Council, get final approvals before breaking ground.


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