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Check this strange anomaly out! 
What did the Geneva Law Enforcement Agency do to the City of Lake Geneva? Whatever they did or did not do, the water cops had their budget slashed in half by the city.  Last year they were budgeted for $46,000 and received $45,670.  This year they are budgeted for $22,500, with no explanation for that reduction.  This decrease won’t truly damage the agency because the other three communities that pay the agency contribute a remaining $135,000 of their own budgets to allow the agency to patrol the lake.  The DNR also comes in with an additional 75% of that amount to pay for operating expenses.

Funny that the Water Safety Patrol, basically a bunch of great kids who patrol the lake to tow in broken down luxury boats but have no police powers at all, are budgeted for $36,845.  Might it be that the kids who run those boats, great as they may be, might be the kids from the wealthy families living around the lake? The Geneva Lake Law Enforcement Agency might consider hiring and training some of those kids in order to save on future lobbying costs.

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