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Suspicious changes to the comprehensive plan.
Who and when were the changes to Draft #3 made by Vandewalle and Associates approved for them to change? These changes include maps, definitions and establishing/recommending new categories. So, we want to know who authorized the following map changes including putting the city’s seal on them, but particularly we want to know who made changes to the definitions/descriptions of various categories such as “Private Recreation Facilities” on page 92 by adding the word “Resort”.

Map 3 had both categories of Rare/Endangered Species removed from the Map. Map 4 “Existing Land Use” the existing land use of one parcel was changed without a request or approval from the owner. A change that makes the owners “current use of his property” now in violation of the comprehensive plan, despite the owner having been there since before the original comprehensive plan was passed and his use was compatible with that plan. It is our belief that it is those in city management that have been harassing the owner are the ones behind that change. Who in this city is responsible for authorizing this change?

Partial List of Map Changes

Suspicious changes to the comprehensive plan continued.

Some changes need only clarification and others need to be corrected:

Map #1: Changes: Jurisdictional Boundaries – City of Lake Geneva Comprehensive Plans

  • The old Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Boundary between the City of Lake Geneva and the Town of Bloomfield was changed, and it greatly reduces the City of Lake Geneva’s boundary. The section of the new boundary between the City of Lake Geneva and Bloomfield is of a different style line than one specified on the map. Why is line style not explained and why is its position not compatible with any of the other maps?
  • The Surrounding Jurisdictions designation was added to the map and it surrounds the Village of Bloomfield. (This is included in Map #3 as well)
  • All the street names were removed from the new map (WHY?).
  • The Surface water in the Village of Bloomfield namely “Pell Lake” was removed. Is the city planning to fill it in?
  • The new map has the city’s seal on it with the date of Sept. 6, 2019. Has this map already been approved? If so, at what council meeting? If not, why is the city seal of approval on it?

Map #2: Changes: Soil Suitability for Agriculture – City of Lake Geneva Comprehensive Plan

  • A new line outlining the Village of Bloomfield was added to the map but there is no explanation as to what that style of line means on that map.
  • There are several boundary changes. The most notable change was the addition of an area almost twice the size of the Four Seasons Nature Park west of 120 at about the same southernly position as Four Seasons Nature Park.
  • The new map has the city’s seal on it with the date of Jan. 8, 2020. When was this approved? The city’s seal is analogous to an authorizing signature.

Map #3: Changes: Natural Features – City of Lake Geneva Comprehensive Plan

  • New map removed all markings and the category for Rare and Endangered Species:

Sections Containing Rare / Endangered Species

  1. Aquatic
  2. Aquatic & Terrestrial
  • New map significantly increased flood plain areas (In part, is this due to increased runoff due to increased development?)
  • The new map has the city’s seal on it with the date of Jan. 8,2020. When was this approved?
    And why is this different than Map #1’s date of change?

Map #4: Changes: Existing Land Use – City of Lake Geneva Comprehensive Plan

  • The new map has old Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Boundary that is not compatible with Map #1
  • Category changes: public parks & open spaces were changed to public park & recreation

This moved open spaces to the agricultural, open lands, & vacant category.

  • Colors for “Private Recreation Facilities” and “Public Parks and & Recreation” were switched and the color for Public Parks darkened such that Public parks blend in with wetlands and Private Recreation Facilities look like Public Parks and with removing “Open Space” from the Public Parks category, Hillmoor property land use was moved to the agricultural, open lands & vacant.

Map #5a: Future Land Use – City of Lake Geneva Comprehensive Plan

A,) Long Range Exurban Growth Area was removed from the map.

B.) The Pattern for Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Boundary as shown is different than used.

C.) Added Environmental Corridor to map 5a in the new version, was listed on the old map but not shown.

D.) Township Boundary was changed to Other Municipal Boundaries

E.) The new map has the city’s seal on it with the date of Jan. 8,2020.   When was this approved?

Map #5b: Future Land Use – City of Lake Geneva Comprehensive Plan

  • City land bordering the western side of the city by Snake Road, Hwy 50 and Geneva Lake was listed as Institutional & Community Services has been changed to a private Recreation Facility.
  • Both sides of Williams street from North Street to George street have been changed to the Central Business District. (central business?)
  • A one-quarter square mile area on the northwestern corner of Edwards Blvd and Town Line road has been changed to Planned Neighborhood.
  • The new map has the city’s seal on it with the date of Jan. 8,2020. This implies that it is an officially approved map of the city.
    When was the Map approved?


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