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Article by Terry O’Neill, former Lake Geneva alderperson:

Why is the Geneva Inn requesting to be annexed to Lake Geneva?
What is its real motive? Annexation will increase its property taxes. So what advantage is annexation to them? In an emergency, regardless of annexation or not, Lake Geneva’s Police and Fire departments will respond to the Geneva Inn. So what is the real motive, and who in the city will know and respond to this motive? Who will give the Geneva Inn the expansion and commercialization of the lake front property that the Town of Lynn has denied them? Is Lake Geneva’s accepting of the Geneva Inn’s room and property tax dollars a form of bribe in exchange for granting the Geneva Inn these personal favors?

Yes, follow the money and you will see that financial concerns are at the bottom, and that the Geneva Inn is using the tax money that they pay as leverage to obtain personal favors from the City of Lake Geneva. Favors that the Town of Lynn has wisely denied them. Sound similar to the Hummel property annexation? Yes, and it is the city’s granting of these personal favors, again denied by the Town of Lynn like with Hummel, that is the underlying motive behind the request by the Geneva Inn to be annexed to the City of Lake Geneva. This annexation smells as it stands, and it reeks as the future Hummel property access to the lake, and the breaking up of the moral understanding that has preserved Geneva Lake’s beautiful lake front and kept the commercialization of it at bay.

This request for annexation should be denied.

Cartoon 02-15 Terry O'Neill



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