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Article was written by Terry O’Neill, former councilperson in Lake Geneva:
The GSR has published articles and cartoons about the concern over the number of city officials in the City of Lake Geneva who run unopposed. Well, for the first time in years all Aldermanic positions, as well as the Mayor’s position, are going to be contested in the spring election on April 7th.  Although the increased involvement of residents in their government is a good sign, it is also the result of a problem within Lake Geneva’s city government that has resulted in increased opposition to what those in government have tried to do, have done, and are planning to do.

Those things include the diminishment of a small-town atmosphere from the city’s mission statement, the closing down of Wrigley Drive, opening city parks to private businesses, changing the comprehensive plan to allow the commercial/residential development of the Hillmoor property, moving the city’s boat launch, rerouting Lake Shore Drive through Bigfoot Park’s wooded area, replacing the Riviera’s roof rather than repairing it and a costly repurposing of the Riviera rather than repairing it.

This is not the first time Lake Geneva’s city government has gone astray of the residents. Everyone has seen the people the city has hurt, and those that it has benefitted. It has all been here, the good, the bad and the ugly in Lake Geneva politics, including those falsely accused, scapegoats, those blamed for the misdeeds of others, and the guilty getting away with it. Competing bids have been rigged, and some bidders excluded or simply dropping out because they knew what was going to happen. Some really good city employees quit rather than be part of what was going on and there have also been many good city employees that do their job, work hard and keep quiet. The administration has not led the city council members will, and the administration has transferred responsibility for many actions to the city council it should handle.

In 52 days, on April 7th, we will know if those shining the light on our city government and exposing all actions help to start to clean it up, or if that light will be extinguished and nothing will change.  The choice is yours, and unlike many recent elections, you have a real choice in the spring election, on April 7th.

Cartoon by Terry O’Neill

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill Lake Geneva

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