More needless parking hell!

This made it before the planning commission last Monday night:

To: July 20, 2015 Plan Committee Agenda Item #10:

A parking lot request is being made by the school board on behalf of an absentee landlord so he can sell the property to the school board. The request involves the changing of the Comprehensive Plan, the rezoning of the property and approving a litany of exemptions. The requested exemptions involve the following facts:

  • The lot does not met minimum area requirements.
  • The entrance width cannot be met.
  • The access drive width cannot be met.
  • The paved set back cannot be met.
  • The landscaped buffer cannot be met.
  • The landscaping requirements cannot be met.
  • The required distance from the intersection to the entrance cannot be met.
  • The island requirements cannot be met.
  • Exemption to nonresidential standards is required
  • Exemption to the entrance length and lighting standards are   also requested.

This document does not detail opinion.

These printed facts are taken from the school board’s request. The Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinances were put in place for a reason, and that reason does not include giving this committee the authority to approve, deny or recommend a single exemption, or change, based on the individual or group that is requesting it. Safety issues such as the distance from an intersection and the entrance widths, especially at a congested school intersection with young children, are not negotiable nor exemptible issues. The school board should be representing the children first, not the teachers. There are other ways to solve the teacher parking issue.

As a final thought: If this were a private owner’s request, would they approve it?

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