American Legion Post #24 14th Annual Car Show this Saturday, July 31st will go down at 715 S Wells Street.
This car show was originally started at the American Legion property but, as it grew, and more and more came to enjoy the show the location had to be changed. The event is free for the public to come and enjoy the classic and unique cars. Anyone wanting to register a car in the show can do so early for $10 or, on the day of the show for $12, however, there’s limited space so get there early. The first seventy cars will receive a dash plaque and goodie bag. Judging will take place all day and at 2:30 p.m. the American Legion Award Trophies will be presented. Car enthusiasts check it out and bring the family as there will be fun for everyone. The event will have raffles, door prizes, and concessions will be available, including the serving of hot dogs, brats, and hamburgers.


The intersection of HWY 50 and Edwards Boulevard can be extremely congested, confusing, and dangerous.
This intersection has been the topic of discussion more than a few times at different city meetings and will soon be a part of a traffic study regarding future road improvement projects in Lake Geneva. The Mobil Station, located at 350 N Edwards Boulevard, is one of the reasons the intersection is as dangerous as it is. The station has four different entrances and exits being used right near the multi-lane intersection. The city has discussed the issue with the public works department and would like to see if improvements can be made. The idea of eliminating left turns northbound into the property was given to the department for further discussion, to determine if this is possible and how much of a positive effect it would have. The plan is to place the blue tubular posts blocking the entrance openings and only allowing the southern drives for use.  Public works met Monday night and discussed the issue. The plan is to write an ordinance allowing this to happen and then placing the deterrents appropriately.


What’s going on at Covenant Harbor, located along the shoreline in north Williams Bay?
Who are these people, anyway?  Who runs the organization that runs this growing behemoth of a religious order?  This outfit has purchased the land on both sides of it, including the college there.  The non-existent college in the real world.  No students or faculty ever evident and that’s if you can get on the grounds, which are either sacred or simply very private.  What religious activities abound at the point there, since the operation has put out two large piers into the lake with ten slips each and then rented them out to the supposed public.  They also now have thirty rental buoys in the water right offshore and they are applying to put in another pier?  What’s going on and why is Williams Bay, normally about the best grounded and smartest governing body around the lake, putting up with this?  Who’s really behind all this and why is that land, laying there so quiet and unobtrusive, being allowed to enjoy such secretiveness when it is having such a potentially damaging effect on the lake, as well as private homeowner’s who live around that area of the lake?

The GSR is going to send out investigators to get to the bottom of it.  This investigation is being conducted at the behest of local property owners who have come to the paper to complain that nobody is either doing anything about this or writing or talking about it.  That’s about to end, the writing and talking about “it” part.

Lake Photo of the Week

Lake Geneva

A beautiful day on Geneva Lake looking out from the Lake Shore Path near Conference Point.

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