City Hall Castrates the Capital Improvement Referendum:

The exemptions in the “Fast Tracked” Ordinance 15-05 that amended the Capital Improvement Referendum has made the Capital Improvement Ordinance worthless.

The exemption reads:

Capital expenditures for new utilities, and maintenance, repair or replacement of existing utilities or other infrastructure or pursuant to existing contractual obligations or legal mandates shall be exempt from this section.

The “repair or replacement” of “other infrastructure” would exempt any new, bigger or more modern building to replace the Fire, Police, Public Works, City Hall buildings, or other structures. It would also exempt roads, streets, alleys, bridges, street lights and signal lights.

The “pursuant to existing contractual obligations” enables the city to make a “contractual obligation” to a developer or business owner thus making that obligation exempt from the ordinance.

For example: If the owner of the theater and the city make a contractual agreement that if the theater owner renovates the theater into a Dinner Theater, the city agrees to build a parking structure behind the theater to accommodate the needed parking, then under the pursuant to existing contractual obligations the building of a “Parking Structure” becomes exempt from a referendum vote.

The exemption for “new utilities” means that the entire sewer and water facilities and needed supporting structures can be built for the entire Hummel or Hillmoor developments at resident expense without any resident approval.

Which was already been done on a smaller scale on the top of the Edgewood subdivision, where sewer, water and roads were put in for a development that has never occurred.

Alderperson Elizabeth ChappellOrdinance 15-05 passed on a 7-1 vote, but we give a thanks to Elizabeth Chappel for supporting the view of the majority of city residents and voting against the Ordinance.

The Ordinance 15-05 was approved by a vote of 7 to 1, with only Elizabeth Chappel voting aginst it.

Editorial note:
Isn’t it interesting that no one pointed out the exemptions before the vote. They were buffaloed into thinking it would cover emergencies. Watch what is going to be called emergencies in the future.”




Grandest Person

Samantha form the Juice

Samantha from the new juice joint, GOOD VIBES, to open on Broad Street, smack in the middle of Lake Geneva.
Our photographer came at the wrong time and her three wonderful partners would not let him take a photo, upon pain of death. He’s alive and so is Samantha’s fantastic smile. Can you tell from that smile what going into that GOOD VIBES is going to be like.


Really Living it up in Lake Geneva


Great Eggs Lake Geneva

Great Eggs. Seven a.m. and onward every day. Fantastic local eggs? You bet and then there’s Paul and Emma Setyan, the owners and operators. Can they make a breakfast, yes, and not one you’ve much had around Lake Geneva. Fantastic. Get the soft scramble!

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