Last week the tourism commission met, and the Riviera has a big three-day conference coming up in mid-July.
Wisconsin’s DARE Officers Association will be holding its annual three-day conference in downtown Lake Geneva at the Riviera and Harbor Shores facility. This is the annual summer training, with this year being the first to include all police officers, community officers, school resource officers, and teachers. This year, more than ever, it’s important to have as many professionals as possible involved in the lives of children present to help relay the importance of saying no to drugs, alcohol, and violence. Attendees will learn about the newest trends in drug use, abuse, and dealing, which include updates from current drug, gang, and violence trends. New this year will be a seminar on multicultural and ethnic diversity to bring more awareness to a subject that normally doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The event will bring in a minimum of about one hundred attendees, along with families, for a two-night stay in Lake Geneva. While here they will be enjoying all the amenities the city has to offer and dining at local restaurants. The DARE Association requested a grant to help cover the cost for the use of the Riviera and marketing material which will include the City of Lake Geneva logo. They were awarded $1500 and are looking forward to hosting their guests and showing off Lake Geneva in the best light possible.


Reserved parking on Wrigley Drive has been a hot topic around Lake Geneva and in city meetings lately.
The first wedding in the newly remodeled Riviera Ballroom reserved parking stalls in front of the Riviera, which has never been allowed before. This caught the attention of many and has been discussed at public works, finance, licensing and regulation, and city council meetings. The discussion has been led to the formal disallowing of private parking reservations on Wrigley, but grandfathering in the two weddings they already allowed to reserve such spots. A great compromise was suggested to allow the rental of the parking lot on Center Street (Lot B) which is adjacent to the Visitor’s Center. When events are booked at the Riviera the lessors will have the option to rent Lot B for six hundred fifty dollars, which includes all twenty-six stalls plus the handicap stall. It has been suggested that contractors and construction companies be able to reserve parking for work needing to be done along Wrigley Dr.. Hopefully, these new policies will put an end to the private parking and reserved mess and bring peace of mind to residents and city workers alike.


The No Burn is still in effect for areas around the lake.
Even though there have been recent storms, there still has not been enough rain to overcome the severe drought in Southeast Wisconsin. The upcoming forecast looks better. Local farmers are looking at the potential loss of crops in our area if we don’t get more rain soon. And those that like fireworks for the 4th of July, may find that it is just too dry to celebrate using sparklers and cones this year. Time will tell.


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