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The Riviera is ready for work to begin.
The Lake Geneva City Council met on Monday night to confirm some final decisions. The basic floor plan has already been approved, including places for the bathrooms, commercial unit spaces, and the mechanicals. The second floor received new windows trimmed in white during phase one of the Riviera renovation project, leaving the first-floor windows and doors to be completed. The windows and doors will be replaced with the current size, but the color was never confirmed.

The great color debate has been going on since the Riviera started plans for renovations almost two years ago. The city council had a few different members back then and the Riviera Ad Hoc Committee didn’t even exist at the time, and the favored color was white for window and door trim. This color was offensive to many city activists who are now city officials. The color choice made on Monday night was to select brown, and this will include all the trim on the first floor. The doors are also being upgraded. The solid wood doors opening to the exterior will get glass inserts to allow natural light in. The cost of the glass panels will not be any more than already budgeted. The grand ballroom will have a new wood floor and a new grand crystal chandelier that has been so generously donated. MSI reassured council members that the original budget already included a new better-sized chandelier budget amount to replace the small disco ball currently hanging in the middle of the ceiling. The old elevator will be replaced with a new Otis. The goal is to get started now and reach completion by May 15, 2021.


A family in Delavan is desperately seeking help in finding a driver who killed their loved one.
The hit-and-run took place Saturday night, November 14th, when Noe Rendon Jr. went to his mailbox around 9 p.m. to recover a package he had been waiting for. A vehicle, believed to be a pick-up truck, veered to the opposite side of the road and clipped Noe while he was at the mailbox. There were no witnesses to give a description of the truck, but the damage is believed to be to the left front side and anyone with any information or who notices a freshly damaged truck is encouraged to contact the Town of Delavan police department at 262-728-8787. The family has set up a go-fund-me page to offer as a reward at #justicefornoe.

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