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There will be well testing on public property in front of the Riviera.
The chair of public works, Cindy Flower, along with committee members, all looked perplexed upon hearing that. Mary Jo Fesenmaier seemed to be the only member who knew anything and wanted the public to be aware of the situation. The city council was not given the information and this confirms the communication problems in Lake Geneva city government. In a report from the DNR, which states some items for consideration, the City of Lake Geneva should be in the communication loop. The city owns the property and therefore has the right, and the responsibility, and long-term liability regarding residual contamination.

The question is; why were city officials not notified, and why was there not a site plan approved by the plan commission according to the city ordinance for the original tank replacement? Fuel tank and soil assessment at the Riviera will be taking place at the beginning of November. Tom Earle stated the city administrator notified him just a day or so before the meeting. Communications must improve and committee members need to be made aware of issues on this level.

How could Tom Earle not know about something so significant being done right in the veritable ‘breadbasket’ of his authority structure? Really, Tom? Come on!

Community Center Rebuild in Delevan

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