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A police pursuit ended on Bloomfield Road last Saturday.
Saturday night in the Town of Geneva a speeder (Brad N.) was pulled over and was almost sited for his speed when a call came over the police radio and the speed offender was told it was his lucky day and the offer sped off with two other police cars towards the City of Lake Geneva. Just minutes later another witness a young girl (Gracie D.) was on her way to Kwik Trip, turning onto Williams Street off of Marshall Street, when a black car driving extremely fast and recklessly followed by six squads came up behind her, and she had to swerve very quickly to the edge of the road to let them pass. The chase did not end here, though, it continued through town endangering even more drivers.

Next, we received a blow by blow report from Mr. and Mrs. Romero, who were on the route of the chase:

“Me and my husband were on our way to Pell Lake going to visit a friend’s house. We were going towards Chase Bank in Lake Geneva when the lights went on in this car, and it just went flying towards the school past us. We were in shock, and then turned by the light and another cop went in that direction. We were “like ok” something is going on! Then, by the time we were by the Stop n Go, bam the car flew past us going (I swear) over 100 miles an hour. I was like, “oh my, how did he even get over here?

“You could see the butt end of his car swerving because he was going so fast. We hurried up and pulled over because we knew that the cops did, and we were on County Road H when two Bloomfield cops sped past us.”

The couple stayed to see what they could after the racing car stopped by the side of the road next to a cornfield.

“People were saying that the cops were going door-to-door asking people to lock up, and not answer the door. The cops were in the corn fields by the school for hours with dogs. I’m guessing the guy got away and that’s why we aren’t hearing anything about.”


Another High-Speed Chase


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