Buying the Hillmoor property on Highway 50 made simple:

Let’s get a few facts straight. If TID # 4 closes, the total property tax for Lake Geneva residents will decrease 6%, and the city would receive about $2.5 million dollars from the closing of TID #4. Since the total fair market value of the 5 listed Hillmoor Tax Key numbers is $ 2,488,200, the city could use the $2.5 million from the closing of TID# 4 to buy the Hillmoor (using eminent domain if necessary).

In other words, if the city will close TID# 4, and buy Hillmoor, then the net result could be about a 6 % reduction in the property taxes for the residents of Lake Geneva, and the city could own Hillmoor and have saved it for the city’s future. Yes, it is that simple, and if the City Council would just get the ball rolling by denying the requested changes to the Comprehensive Plan for the Hillmoor property, vote to close TID#4, and start action to purchase the Hillmoor Property, then it could actually happen.

The cost to maintain Hillmoor minimized: As one drives by Big Foot State Park, there is a green open picnic space, a lagoon and a large wooded area with walking trails behind the Lagoon. Now picture a similar scene (without the lagoon) on the Hillmoor property, with a small well-kept area along Hwy 50 and a large more natural area with trails in the back ground. By leaving most of the area in the back in a more natural condition for walking trails, hiking, and cross country skiing, the maintenance cost, just like with Big Foot Park, is kept to a minimum. While the more highly visible area along Hwy 50 would be maintained to provide a pleasant view for the city’s main tourist entrance. This approach would enable the city, at a minimal cost, to preserve and use the Hillmoor property until such time as future or alternative use is determined.


Cartoon by Terry O'Neill Lake Geneva

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