Living Here

In every generation, there are those who try to change things.
Some attempts are good and end in tragedy (Tiananmen Square protest in China, Hungarian Freedom Fighters in 1956), some are evil and succeed (Fascism, Communism), but all attempt good or evil have an impact on the generations that follow. Hillmoor is not of the magnitude of the aforementioned, but it is of the same fabric. The will of the people versus the will of those in government. The preservation of the status quo for Hillmoor is the last line of defense for Hillmoor.

Hillmoor, like every important issue, will have a day of decision to be followed by a day of impact. The day of decision is a day of victory for some and a day of defeat for others; whereas, the day of impact will be on those who have to live with that decision. If that decision is final and non-reversible, then for those in defeat, that day becomes the day hope dies. In sports there can be a rebirth of hope for the next game or next year and for politics there is the next election, but in the case of the demise of a one of a kind item, that item will be gone forever and there is no next time or next year, except for concern about the next unique domino to fall. For the City of Lake Geneva, many of the historic dominoes have fallen over the years, the biggest one to fall, was the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Depot, whose destruction leaves a visual void in the city’s historic past. The destruction was planned in secrecy and the building was torn down under the cover of darkness. With its demolition, the hope to preserve that historic building as a visual reminder of the past died. The next domino in line for dismemberment is the Hillmoor property. Hillmoor’s demise, like the depot, has been planned in secrecy and with deceit. The day of decision is rapidly approaching and the decision will be made by a common council vote that will determine if there will or will not be a great Hillmoor experience in the city’s future.

The Business of the Week

Popeye's Lake Geneva

Popeye’s on Wrigley Street is a staple in Lake Geneva. Visitors, as well as locals, treat this long-standing restaurant as a must on their to-do list. If you haven’t had Popeye’s famous rotisserie chicken you should, it’s delicious.



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