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Mary Jo Fesenmaier, District 2 Alderperson in Lake Geneva, is and continues to be, a passionate advocate for the natural beauty of the area.
Mary Jo didn’t miss a beat when the Hillmoor property, White River Holdings LLC, and the suspected hidden agenda was all the talk. Fesenmaier was all for the city purchasing the property and creating a priceless piece of nature for the community and visitors to enjoy. Hillmoor has not been mentioned much at all-around city hall lately, mostly due to bigger issues created by the COVID19 mess. It’s the budget season again and a borrowing year for the city. Lake Geneva borrows, on average, once every three years, and 2020 is one of those years. With the virus and financial issues, borrowing this year is a vital necessity, and this is the year to do it, with interest rates being lower than anyone can remember (they are almost certain to never be this low again). So, needless to say, now that Mary Jo sits in a council seat, the purchasing of Hillmoor is on her list of things to include in the budget. Things are getting interesting in and around Lake Geneva.


The first performance review of Lake Geneva’s mayor.
Charlene Klein, the woman who was elected mayor last November, comes to the end of her first six months in office as mayor in early October.  How’s she done?  There are no ‘games’ anymore, like were typically played under the guise of former mayors going back quite some time in Lake Geneva’s recent history.  Charlene has ended the secrecy of what might have been going on behind the permanent closure of Wrigley Drive in front of the Riviera Pier Complex, the attempts to isolate and take out the wonderful South Lake Shore Drive where it runs along the eastern edge of Geneva Lake and even put to bed the suspected attempts of big financial interests in turning the Riviera Pier Complex into some sort of high brow restaurant.  Under her watch, the Business Improvement District budget has been torn apart and re-examined to find great fault, and a fix.  Ms. Klein is quiet, reflective, non-reactive, and intensely intelligent.  She knows stuff because she’s been around the stuff for quite some time.  There is no perceivable self-interest in her performance of duty and the Geneva Shore Report investigative team examines all of that really closely.  The commercial development of Hillmoor came to a screeching halt, and all attempts to accomplish that, not because of the virus but because Charlene Klein stepped into office.

Klein is a gift to the city of Lake Geneva and ought to be recognized for her performance right now, while the city goes through one of its most significant and difficult periods.  Thanks, Charlene Klein, for being the captain of our ‘ship’ as we travel through these rough seas.


Halloween at Dan Patch Stables. Halloween, and everything spooky, is a big part of the next coming holiday of the soon-to-be winter season. Lake Geneva businesses go all out to celebrate Halloween and each of the other holidays of fall and winter. Dan Patch Stables (located up at the very entrance of the Grand Geneva resort complex) is excited to announce the annual Haunted Hayride and Haunted Barn, and those will all be a part of Halloween 2020. Both the Haunted Hayride and Haunted Barn will be open, starting October 2nd through October 31st, on Fridays and Saturdays. The first hayrides of the night are considered the family rides because they are a bit less scary. The rides after dark, well, the experience gets a whole lot spookier. The Haunted Barn is new this year and is set up to be a test of courage for everyone who enters. Concessions and a bonfire are offered before and after each experience for everyone to enjoy. Dan Patch Stables welcomes all, and respectfully asks for patrons to be respectful of others and employees and do the best they can to maintain six feet from others when possible. The wearing of masks will be much appreciated, especially indoors. For more information go to or call 262-215-5303.

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