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Homeless, a word that shadows suffering.
The suffering is deep because not only is shelter, attire, mobility and even food terribly diminished, a feeling of worthlessness overcomes those in such dire circumstance. The reasons people fall into homelessness are too many to list here. This Geneva Shore Report X-files investigator decided to show some support for the homeless by spending an evening among them at The First Baptist Church of Delavan, one of the nine area churches that takes turns housing the homeless.  She had an opportunity to talk with a few of the men. Not all, but most of the men she spoke with kept their heads down with little eye contact and displayed a posture of shame or embarrassment.  She assured them she was not there to judge them or their circumstances, but to understand how so many individuals and families had become destitute.  She learned that what is needed is not only physical support, but education and counseling.

Most homeless people have lost self-respect and the will to encounter the social system.  Our reporter thought she would feel good about helping those less fortunate and yet when her time was up, she felt ashamed; ashamed to think that the community’s, and her, are capable of doing much, much more and yet we do very little to help these individuals or families. Their needs are great and go beyond a meal and a warm blanket.  These people need more help than they can get from governmental services, which are incredibly difficult to qualify for.  Her time with these unfortunate people opened her eyes graphically and deeply.  Don’t just think about all the ways you can help and show support.  Do something,  go give, mentor, or donate your time and talents in the best way you know how.

If you would like to show your support call
Pastor Michael Ida

Aurora’s new cardiology department.
The Aurora Lake Geneva Clinic is currently expanding its heart and vascular department and services.  The clinic currently offers a variety of treatments and monitoring options for patients including cardiac monitors, cardiac therapy devices, pacemakers, and defibrillators.  Since the number of people who suffer some sort of fibrillation is expected to increase, the Lake Geneva Clinic has an urgent need to expand its facility.  The clinic will be adding another 4000 square feet, and expanding the number of exam rooms.  Their most recent addition to Dr. Imran Niazi’s staff in the heart and vascular department is Crystal Platz, a cardiac electrophysiology nurse practitioner to help diagnose, manage and treat patients with heart rhythm disorders.  The project is expected to be completed the end of June 2016.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson.
This politician printed a picture of the actor Edward Gero, an actor who played deceased Supreme Court Judge Scalia on Saturday Night Live, on Twitter, assuming that the photo was of his “friend.” The average I.Q. is 100.  Never forget that statistic.  There is no I.Q. test to pass when one runs for political office, although quite possibly there should be.  How could someone like Johnson mistake an actor for Scalia himself?  Ron Johnson’s service to Wisconsin as a U.S. Senator closely parallels what his unconscious mistake illustrates so graphically.  There’s an election coming and his office is up for grabs.  It might do well to consider whom the other candidates running for his office are.  It’s likely, just by chance, that it doesn’t matter who the opponent is.  Vote for the opponent, unless someday, when fate comes calling, your own obituary might have somebody else’s photo attached to it.

Grandest Person

Susie Kagel Post office

Susie Kagel working away at the Lake Geneva Post Office. The big smile says it all. She’s worked there for 33 years and everyone wants her for 33 more!

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