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Help the Food Pantry survive!
The Walworth County Food Pantry needs help. The current manager Jim Drescher has been running this great resource for the past eight years. Many Walworth County Families depend on this food pantry. Jim and his family do not feel they have enough time anymore to perform the massive amount of work it takes to run the food pantry on into the future, but they feel that the people of the community still need the help so badly. If some kind of relief from the time intensive operation is not received by October 29th the food pantry may close. Drescher is optimistic that someone will step up and take over when they see how much it is needed. Over five hundred families visit the Pantry every month for a variety of necessities. The Walworth County Food Pantry provides so many necessary items. The volunteers are proud to provide non-perishable foods, fresh produce, frozen meats, dairy items, and baked goods. Not only do they provide food they also have hygiene, cleaning, paper, and pet products.

Asking for help is hard for many people in need, but the volunteers at the pantry are wonderful friendly people who give the clients full understanding and plenty of respect.  In order to continue the pantry needs an interested and dedicated party to raise more donations, add volunteers and spend quality time.  Somewhere, in all of Walworth County, there must be some people looking to add to their own lives and also make the community a better and more generous place to live.

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Samaritan’s Purse

Samaritan's Purse

Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief came from North Carolina to respond to the flooding issues in and around the Burlington area. They have been taking calls, setting up work orders, and sending out workers to help with the heavy clean up needed after all the flooding. This group is dedicated to traveling were ever they are needed to help those in hard times. What a great group of people. By the way, their services are totally donated. Their number is 262-758-4064.

National Night Out.
Walworth County’s 2nd Annual National Night Out will take place at the Walworth County Fairgrounds, Tuesday August 1st, from 4:30 to 8:30pm.  On the first Tuesday of August every year  the police departments all over the nation are recognized. Walworth County has many great departments and these departments come together from all jurisdictions in Walworth County to attend this event as a whole, instead of individually. Walworth County is the only County in the Nation to include all jurisdictions and to include the fire departments as well.  This event is a great opportunity for everyone to meet the local police officers and firefighters from the different departments in Walworth County. The men and women who serve are wonderful personalities and have a tremendous body of life experience.  Tuesday evening everyone attending will be able to watch them in action, as they demonstrate some of the skills they use daily. There will be drone demonstrations, K-9 demonstrations, tow truck demonstrations, and a distracted driving course. The entire event encourages communities to come together and work as a team to keep towns and neighborhoods stable and safe. Families with kids are invited.  Admission is free, as well as the food, entertainment, games, and a bouncy house for the kids. Officer Ward, representing the Lake Geneva Police Department, will be there to make sure that everyone has a great time.

National Night Out

Person of the Week

Deb Moore

Deb Moore is a wonderful lady who is “living the dream,” as she describes it. Her dream has always been to own and operate a farmhouse home decor store. Deb just opened Twill Cottage, located at 450 South Main Street in Walworth.. Be sure to stop in and meet Deb, as she’s so filled with inspiration and decorating ideas that you will have to smile and laugh as you learn some really great stuff.


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