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Delaney Street.
The store. The husband and wife team that built the beautiful store into what it is today (the neat place located at the north-west corner of Cook and Main Streets) was up for a rezone. The owners, who’ve over the past twelve years have done such a marvelous job in making the place what it is today, were denied a permit to become commercial instead of “sort of commercial,” as they are currently designated. It is a shame that this same planning commission, so quick to back outside Chicago interests on a much grander scale, could not take care of local people who’ve gone the whole mile in working to build something of true merit in the community. This is again, Michael Slavney and Sarah Hill for some reason working together.

Why they do what they do is anybody’s guess, but the waves of discontent are building, and those waves, when they are made up of angry and concerned citizens, can become pretty painful to deal with.

Delaney Street Mercantile Lake Geneva

Parking Tickets

Parking Ticket Appeals Lake Geneva

SO, what was it you wanted to say about that ticket you’re holding?

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