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Three traffic concerns in Lake Geneva that should be addressed:

First, where has the “Do Not Block Intersection” sign at the corner of Hwy 50 and Center Street gone? Prior to the last rework of the Hwy 50/ Center Street intersection, there was a sign for west bound traffic on Hwy 50 at the intersection that said; “Do Not Block Intersection,” but it is now gone. Although people know that they should not block the intersections, it does help to remind them with a sign, because a sign negates any rationalization for blocking the intersection and assures a fine if someone is caught blocking the intersection. The smart traffic lights have been a significant help to the flow of traffic; however, cars sitting in an intersection as the light changes defeat the improvement. A “Do Not Block Intersection” sign needs to be reinstalled at that intersection.

Second, traveling west bound on Interchange North road, between the traffic light at East Sheridan Springs road and the Center Street intersection, the road changes from a two-lane road to the single lane road with the left lane becoming a ‘left turn only’ lane, and the right lane becoming a straight or right turn only lane. However, there is an inadequate warning to motorists (especially for tourists) about the left lane becoming a left turn only lane. Many who are not familiar with this unusual transition of a center lane into a left turn only lane go straight, causing a potential accident with those in the right lane, as the right lane transitions into the left after the intersection. This intersection needs additional signage or road markings to help guide motorists.

Third, a person in a vehicle traveling east on George Street and planning to make a left turn at Williams Street will find a bush/shrub on the corner of Moss Park that obstructs the view of traffic north bound on Williams Street. Pulling forward to clearly see the north bound traffic puts one’s vehicle in the path of those heading north on Williams Street and making a left turn on to George Street. The city should never have planted that bush so close to the road and it should be removed. Years ago Moss Park at the corner of George Street did not exist and that section of land was part of the road where the right turn lane rounded the corner at about where the sidewalk currently is. This made turning the corner much easier and safer than it is today.


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