The latest scams coming to, or remaining in, this area of Southern Wisconsin.
The shipping scams.  This is an email scam, by and large.  You are notified by seeming well-credentialed shipping companies, like UPS or FedEx that you have received a package, even though you never ordered anything or have any reason to believe that you might be receiving a package from anyone else.  This is an engagement phishing scam, wherein the senders are impersonating shipping companies in order to gain your personal and financial data.  You must not answer this kind of inquiry or notification whatsoever.

Then there’s the IRS scam, very popular in the rural areas of Wisconsin, wherein the perpetrators call older people and basically threaten them so that they will rush to the bank and send a wire.  The IRS, however, never calls its taxpayers.  They do business through the mail only.  No matter how true and sincere the IRS threateners say, do not reply.  Hang up.  This is a telephone gig.  If you have a product you are selling then there’s the over-payment scam.  The supposed firm or company, or even individual you are going to do business with sends a cashier’s check for much more than the object you are selling, plus shipping.  This scam depends upon the fact that cashier’s checks have special privileges in banking.  They are accepting and given credit for being real almost immediately but not confirmed for two weeks or more.  This ‘float’ allows the scammer to have you pay back the supposed overage with your own check or bank wire.  Your money is real.  Their money is not.  When you find out the original cashier’s check from the scammers is bad, you cannot get your own good money back.  And all the U.S. banks are in on it.

If this happens to you then do not go to your bank and complain.  They will threaten to call the police or FBI to accuse YOU of committing fraud!  If somebody pays you way too much on any transaction then become sensitized.  Do not use the money that will be credited to you.  Let it sit there, in your account, as you wait for it to be denounced as phony, which it certainly will be.

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