Looking On The Bright Side

Where is the love? So what happened to Walworth County and Wisconsin?
How is it that the state and the county got left behind, like a poor step child, when the republicans took over? Approximately eight years ago the democratic state of Wisconsin became republican, electing a republican governor, republican senate, republican house and republican supreme court. In fact, the United States Speaker of the House is Paul Ryan of Walworth County. Has anyone living in the county noticed any improvement at all? How about the high speed rail that was cancelled by the this governor? Anything replaced that? What about the highway and bridge condition all over the state? How about Elkhorn, sitting right there like a beacon of some wasting disease, while Mr. Ryan lives in splendor out in Washington D.C.?

There’s been no movement on either jobs or new business or even new anything in Wisconsin, much less Walworth County. How is it that, with so much business acumen supposedly at their disposal, these collected leaders, like Walker, Johnson, Ryan and more, have been unable to put together a damned thing that can be considered advancement in any area? And why is most of the media in the state quiet about that? Forget abortion, off shore jobs, immigration, and even Obamacare. What happened to the expectations of the people of an entire state? It’s like Wisconsin became a science fiction set in some old Twilight Zone or Outer Limits show, and today that old set sits here, getting more and more run down, while the same pack of do nothing hooligans remain silent, except for one thing. If you attended the Trump rally a couple of weeks ago in Elkhorn, where Trump wisely didn’t show up, you would have heard republicans speak. They stood up, one after another, and told everyone there how great their other republican friends were doing in working for the people of Wisconsin.

The state of Wisconsin was once a democratic state. Returning to being democratic might be an unpleasant thought for many citizens in Wisconsin, particularly those who are wealthy, rural or living in Waukesha, but isn’t it time for everyone living in the state to begin demanding results, no matter which party affiliation a politician might have? Super rich Senator James Sensenbrenner, and really rich Senator Ron Johnson, Super powerful Governor Scott Walker (who ran for president!) and Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Paul Ryan…where the hell are you?
Come home, either to fix Wisconsin and Walworth County, or to retire here.

Looking On The Bright Side of Halloween Fun

A scary Place in Lake Geneva Halloween Time

This house on Sage Street in northern Lake Geneva has taken special pains to make children welcome for this special holiday. Parents are encouraged to leave their children if they get too tired or sleepy. ~~smile


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