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Barrel Racing and Pole Bending:
Last week the Geneva Shore Report made another mistake. It ran a story about this upcoming event (this weekend, starting on Friday, October 8, 2016) taking place at Dawson’s Ranch. Well, it’s not. It is taking place, but in a much easier place to locate. It’s at the Walworth County Fairgrounds. Chuck Bartok, the highly regarded horse event announcer, from California, is coming in on Thursday to prepare for the event.

Barrel racers are coming in from all over the country, with five former champions among their number. In pole bending, by the way, no poles are bent. The racers dodge in and out between spaced poles, hoping to touch none and get through with the best time. Lots of excitement and fun.

There will be food, racing, pumpkin carving and a whole lot of other things going on. Alan Kupsik, Lake Geneva’s Mayor, will be there as a judge.


Equine Therapy.
Special Methods in Learning Equine Skills (SMILES). If you haven’t heard of this place, well, don’t be surprised. It’s a quiet place. It writes of itself: “a center for equine assisted activities and therapies located in Darien, WI.”

Its mission “transcends traditional therapeutic methods by offering individuals with special needs, and of all ages, the joy of participating in an equine assisted program, which provides social, emotional, physical and personal rewards.” This wonderful place was established in 1985 and it’s been doing wonders ever since. It is located at N2666 County Road K, in Darien Wisconsin. It opens every day at ten a.m.

What is it about horses? How about their size and tactile connection? How about the horse’s willingness to give non-judgmental support and unconditional acceptance? All of that and more. If you have a child or adult who could use something special in their lives, the SMILE operation may be perfect for them. They offer programs that allow individuals to come in and interact with the horses. Call (262)882-3470 for additional information, and to make appointments.


SMILES, Center for Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies locatedN2666 County Road K, Darien, WI


Security Drones.
The Town of Linn is thinking about drones. The Protection and Safety Committee will be meeting on Wednesday at five p.m. in Zenda to discuss acquiring a drone for the police department. This is a controversial subject. And the implementation of drones has become much more expensive and problematic with the passing of new drone laws. The Geneva Shore Report has two drones. The drone operator is currently in flight school to qualify to be a drone pilot. The course is expensive, the insurance is also up there, and the time and effort needed to get it all done, and a drone finally into the air, is laborious and complex. The drones cost about three thousand dollars each. They crash often and easily, and the real benefit for police and fire (a forward-looking infra-red camera) is currently about nine thousand dollars for a good one. On top of all that, there are the privacy issues to consider. Check out the meeting to see what’s coming (maybe) and also add your two cents.


Featured Photo by Keith Morris

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