Looking On The Bright Side

The bright side of parking is that it only costs a buck an hour.
That’s a deal, unless one thinks about communities that have done away with meter systems completely. Towns, villages and cities across the nation have gone to free parking in their downtown areas in order to promote more business. Classic old complaints about how business would actually go down because people would not be encouraged to move their cars, thereby limiting turnover, have proven to be wrong. Employees taking up all the parking, another common complaint of free parking, have also turned out not to be a problem. Lake Geneva, the city, is headed in the other direction and it’s not a direction most residents, business owners or even tourists are going to find attractive.   With the discussions going on right now behind closed doors about new increases coming, the very least people visiting and circulating about the downtown area can expect is a doubling of the parking rates, which will be followed (no doubt) by doubling the fines for violations. The recent budget shortfall, ridiculous as it was, is nothing more or less than a set up for increasing the rates in order to “pay the bills.” Right. Parking is again free for the winter months, or at least until the end of February of 2017. Look for new rates to be quietly slipped in as soon as the city can get away with it, which won’t be very quiet if the Geneva Shore Report is still around.

Free Parking Winter Months City of Lake Geneva

Free parking for the winter. The meters have all got written indications of being free along with protection against coming winter conditions. It is rumored that the coats are made by Ralph Lauren.


The free sucking up of leaves will end on November 28th of 2016. It will end, but will they get your leaves?
The city is currently in the process of paying a hundred and seventeen thousand dollars for a new leaf sucker. What does that mean? That means that current sucking isn’t doing much sucking so, although the date to end the sucking of Lake Geneva is coming up swiftly, the actual sucking of your necessary piles may not be done to your satisfaction because of the absence of good sucking equipment. Call right away and make sure that there is some completion to the sucking you feel you need to have done.

Leaf Pick Up Lake Geneva

The City of Lake Geneva is supposed to come by and suck up leaves but this pile looks a bit different than leaves. Does the city pick up or suck up any old garden debris people leave on the curb? If they do, then why?

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