Looking on the Bright Side

National Health Care Volunteer Week is April 10th-16th. Health care workers are, for the most part, hard-working selfless individuals who give of themselves every day. The Geneva Shore Report sent X-files investigators toured and met with the staff at Geneva Lake Manor on Curtis Street. This facility is a non-profit short and long term medical facility that utilizes the help of many volunteers and donations. Community is very important to them and their clients. The local schools often come to perform and entertain the clients with their band and choirs. They are involved with many local churches that come to help out in any way they can, as well as hold mass and services. The Manor does not believe it could give the outstanding care it does without the help it receives from all the volunteers and organizations.

Beau the Mascot at Geneva Manor Lake Geneva

Beau, the wonderful resident volunteer of The Geneva Manor. He gives his time and patience for treats and pampering.

It’s a Wisconsin beer bar not a brewpub, or so Geneva Shore Report X-file investigators have been told.
The ‘it’ is the Lake Geneva Brewing Company that’s going into the lower level area of the building currently occupied by Popeye’s restaurant. What is the difference between a brewery, beer pub, and a beer bar? They are the same thing although some organizations using the names actually brew beer on premises. Breweries and Brew Pubs have been on the rise with 1.5 to 1.8 breweries opening up everyday. It has also been said that the new Wisconsin State alcohol and beer laws are bad for business. Wisconsin alcohol laws have been around since prohibition. Not to keep businesses from making, selling, or distributing beer or alcohol but to prevent a monopoly. Could this be why the rumor of a brewery going into what was Boat Yard Bagel come to fruition? The answer to that remains unknown. While digging further into the investigation it was learned that Lake Geneva Brewing Co. is talking about teaming up with a local restaurant featuring guest breweries or a “Tap Takeover,” in a month or two.

National Beer Day April 7 2016


Voter fraud permeates every facet of Wisconsin voting. NOT!
However, to combat this non-existent, republican invented crime every vote on Tuesday had to not only identify themselves with a federally approved photo I.D. but also provide proof of residence within the voting district they were trying to vote in. The second part of that is much tougher than the first simply because of computerization and the Internet. People aren’t getting bills in the mail anymore. How does anyone not getting a bill prove that he lives inside the voting district if his or her driver’s license does not say that, if he or she has a driver’s license? This whole mess, the most restrictive voting mess in the United States, is a mess because of Scott Walker and the republicans who seek to return the Unites States of America back into a place where only white male land owners vote and control everything.
That is not opinion. It is merely a statement founded on simply analysis of actions instead of what’s being said about the causes for these actions.


There is a New Tennis Club coming to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin this fall.
Geneva Shore Report X-files investigators have been looking into the rumor that a forty thousand square foot facility with five tennis courts is going in. This facility is likely to be located between Edwards Boulevard and Veterans Parkway. There will be private and semi-private lessons, the opening of tennis leagues and several other tennis programs will be offered and directed by Badger High Schools Tennis Coach, Paul Lauterbach. Construction is scheduled to start this May and should be completed by late summer or early fall.

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