Looking on the Bright Side


Getting ready to fly somewhere for this year’s holiday season?
Pay close attention. The Geneva Shore Report has written about United and other airlines operating in the USA. Recently, another discrepancy was discovered. Fraud, of course, because that is the new name replacing what flight used to be used to describe. Today the flying public goes fraudulently into the air in many areas.
What’s going on with airline baggage scales?
They must be tested and held to be true (not!) by the same people testing to see whether automobile owners are getting the full gallon of gas they are being charged for.
Or maybe they’re being tested by the same people who monitor cell phone towers to assure that every company owning towers in the Lake Geneva area, except U.S. Cellular, has all nearby cell towers turned off (to save a lousy 800 bucks a month on electricity, and to give consumers supposedly ‘adequate’ service).
The scales at United Airlines in Chicago and Albuquerque (the two tested) are lying.
And the lying, if going on at every airport, is costing consumers a fortune. One pound over fifty pounds on any checked bag costs an extra hundred dollars to fly, unless the flyer is willing to dissemble the suitcase and spread out stuff all over the floor in front of the airline counter. One bag checked at O’Hare weighed in at 48.6 pounds at the O’Hare check-in counter. At home, on a closely adjusted butcher scale, that same piece weighed 45 pounds. The same bag in Albuquerque weighed in at 51.7 pounds, but upon arrival back home on the butcher scale weighed only 46.
What’s going on?
Theft. Outright, uncheckable and untestable theft.
Those seemingly small weigh-in amounts total up to millions in profits annually for every airline participating in this fraudulent behavior. How can a customer check an airport scale, and who can a customer complain to?
How about the TSA, where a complaint will be filed and the customer will be given a free one-way trip to Guantanamo.
Merry Christmas from America’s new airline monopoly!

The potholes are repaired!
The potholes reported in the last issue of the Geneva Shore Report are filled and the photo proving that is in this issue. Ron Carstensen does not have to be forgiven for doing nothing criminal and allowed back into the Lake Geneva Street Department. He can remain in limbo (on probation) until such times as the real culprits in city management (now supposedly retired or moving on) skate away across non-existent Lake Geneva ice to wherever such culprits go (the police and fire commission?).

Potholes Lake Geneva WI

The results of too much salt or not enough of Ron Carstensen, the deposed former ruler of Lake Geneva’s street department. There’s little to be said that this photo, taken only three days back, doesn’t say all by itself. Pot holes are appearing everywhere in town. Utah Blain needs to get his gunfighter’s face on and find another six-shooter of his caliber to take the street department out into the street.


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