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Online Travel. Can online travel sites be trusted? There is an abundance of travel websites to choose from on the Internet, such as: Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak, Trip Advisor, and many more. Travel websites have transformed the way everyone plans a trip. Searching and booking destinations, flights, hotels, and car rentals can be done and paid for in minutes. The travel sites will book and confirm hotel, flight, and car rentals. They make planning a trip much easier than it used to be.

But, as with any service on the Internet, travelers must be prepared for unexpected frustrations; such as hidden fees, lost or unconfirmed reservations, and poor customer service. Travel sites do not always check availability before confirming reservations and many times leave it up to the hotel booked or car rental location to contact customers if a reservation cannot be accommodated. These final purveyors don’t always do this due to lack of information from the on-line travel service. This can cause a vacation to become stressful and not so much fun very quickly. If you choose to use these services always call any final reservation hotel, airline or rental agency to confirm directly.

Talk to a living person and get a name. Be proactive and your vacation peace of mind will likely be worth it. One of the Geneva Shore Report X-Files investigators recently booked a car using Expedia to rent an Enterprise car. The investigator showed up after having paid Expedia, but there was no car. Expedia blamed Enterprise and (you guessed it) Enterprise blamed Expedia. Expedia refunded the money but the investigator had to walk (which some might consider a public blessing).


Cheetos, the wandering lovable cat. One warm fall day last October two young, vibrant, coworkers Molly and Sonja were sitting on the front porch of their apartment in Lake Geneva contemplating what vegan dish to make for dinner, when they saw a yellow tabby cat walking down the center of the street. Molly and Sonja had seen this same cat in the neighborhood a few times before and had called out to it but the cat had never looked their way or approach their porch. A couple days passed and they hadn’t seen the cat so they wondered if it would be back. On the third day, in the early evening the yellow tabby made an appearance. This time the cat approached the porch without being summoned and let the women pet her.   The yellow tabby soon became a frequent guest on their front porch.

Not knowing which house the cat was coming from or who her rightful owners were, Molly and Sonja decided to name her. “Let’s call her Cheetos,” Sonja said, “because she’s a yellowish-orange color like the cheesy crunchy snack, and has eyes similar to the cat on the bag.” So Cheetos it was. The cat didn’t have a collar so they made her one with the name Cheetos on it. Cheetos started to come around more often, especially in the early evening when she knew Molly and Sonja might be sitting on the porch. The weather soon starting getting cooler and Molly and Sonja spent less time sitting on the porch.   One Friday after work, Sonja came home to see the yellow tabby sitting on the porch, as if she had been waiting and expecting someone to feed and pet her. Sonya sat down and Cheetos crawled up into her lap.

Cheetos the Lake Geneva Cat

Cheetos the cat. This wonderfully laid back ‘hippy of a cat’ has taken over the hearts of several residents in Lake Geneva with her possessive attitude and claim to every territory and heart within her realm.

That was until curiosity got to her and she hopped up from Sonja’s warm comfortable lap and walked over to the front door and went inside. The fall continued with colder temperatures coming in November. Nothing changed in their routine except Cheetos collar went missing. Late in the month, on one cold afternoon, just after Molly and Sonya had once again discussed where Cheetos might live or who will take care of her they heard someone calling ‘kitty, kitty, kitty,” in the distance. They went out to find a young woman they didn’t know. It turned out that Cheetos belonged to the young woman. She told Molly and Sonya she’d never named the cat, but Cheetos was perfect. Cheetos left and Molly and Sonya were left to wonder if they would see her again. They reflected on how difficult it is to provide affection or care for a pet that belongs to someone else. At what point does the care and attention appear to be a criticism of the real owner’s care and attention?

Cheetos keeps coming back every day and Sonya and Molly keep showering her with attention, but with more trepidation than before her owner came calling.

Something about those cats. We never really domesticate them

Such as Harvey

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