Television Series Review. The Whispers.

Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. on ABC Television.

The fifth episode played last Monday. Here’s another unexplainable phenomena kind of a show (much like Under the Dome or Wayward Pines). Nobody knows what’s really going on when it comes to this “Drill” entity coming to children and encouraging them to do things from breaking into nuclear power facility computers or even blowing themselves up with homemade bombs. Drill is a sort of imaginary friend to the rather nasty-seeming snotty brats all the parents on the show simply dote over while overlooking the very adult and potentially lethal behavioral that such poor parenting results in. Drill fixes marriages or destroys them, brings people back from (supposedly) near death, finds strays people and pets.

Drill is even capable of turning off and on weird things like exit signs. All the non-existent lights illuminating the sign go out except for the X, indicating X marks the spot, of course. That exit signs don’t have little individual light bulbs behind the letters is beside the mythical point. Once again, like in the monumental failure of a show called John From Cincinnati, the real power or ultimate protagonist of the screenplay is God, an alien or a source of magical power. Whereas Wayward Pines at least makes the watcher think and want to know more (unlike the rolling stupidity and boring predictability of Under the Dome) the unrevealed entity behind Drill in The Whispers Series begins to become so nonsense-related that the approaching sixth episode is only worth watching because there’s almost nothing of any original content to watch anywhere else across the television spectrum. Maybe Drill will turn out to be the ultimate Hollywood power, an uneducated culturally challenged kid who just happens to be the questionably genetic son or daughter of the money people behind the show’s production.


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