Looking on the Bright Side


Where is one supposed to go?
Has any normal mortal, one with a bladder and evacuation equipment to empty that bladder, tried to find somewhere to go to the bathroom in downtown Lake Geneva recently? None of the retail stores will allow even customers to use their bathrooms (and all of them have at least one). Restaurants are mostly ‘customer’s only’ except for Egg Harbor on Main Street and Speedo’s Harborside Grill just up from the Riviera Pier. There are city maintained bathrooms located on the lakeside of the library and then at the chamber of commerce building in Flat Iron Park. You kind of have to know your way around to find any relief. Why is that so many tickets are handed out for public urination in city alleys every weekend? The cause is assumed to be drinking related, which makes sense, since this article is about the elimination of liquid waste.

In truth, there are not many bathrooms to serve such an intensely populated small area (during the summer, especially on weekends) and the ones that are available are not well marked. It might be nice if the City of Lake Geneva built a few more bathrooms the next time it considers putting an orchard of crab apple trees along the shore to spruce things up. Either that or overlook people ‘watering’ those existing trees, sort of like how the city overlooks big trucks parking illegally all over the place. Or maybe, just maybe, the public in need of immediate emergency relief, might be allowed to ‘mark’ any offending truck tires in the local area. Two problems could be handled with one simple and remarkably inexpensive solution.

Cost Effective Riviera Pier Beautification?

Riviera Pier Renovation Lake Geneva

Just add a couple hundred thousand dollars of greenery and you to can have almost exactly what you had before!

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