Looking on the Bright Side


Leather Lips, that little boat rental place next to the Chamber building.
From their premier dock space ‘under the bridge’ that business does wonders during the summer, probably netting somewhere around twenty thousand dollars or more a day. They are expanding. According to the last confirmed rumors, poorly confirmed, they have negotiated with Baker House  to rent the Baker House Pier. Baker House, that elegant establishment run by equally elegant and bright Bethany, never had much to put at the pier. In spite of Pier 290’s attempt to draw in lunch and dinner business from boaters riding about on the lake, boaters are not running up and down the inland waterways all day long. They are out on the lake fishing or merely checking out the expensive homes along the shore. They are not lunch or dinner people.

The Geneva Inn is going to open a second patio restaurant to serve this same non-existent clientele. Or not. It is much more likely that the second kitchen the Inn built to supposedly serve this same patio crowd rushing in from the sea is really there to serve the banquet hall the owners are dead set on building and operating next door. With such a powerful lake activist as Dick Malmin living on one side of the Inn and wealthy powerful Lazzaroni living on the other, (both of whom abhor the idea of a banquet hall), the Inn’s chances look pretty grim, if that is their intent. Meanwhile, back at the Baker House Pier, Leather Lips (named for that condition of human lips brought about by being out in the sun too much…and not what you were thinking) will add some more pontoons boats and jet skis to its already significant inventory. Leather Lips, with former alderperson Sarah Hill serving as gatekeeper (she’s now on the Lake Geneva Planning Commission), is going head to head with the other two boat and ski rental places located nearby. Is this one of those cases that’s going to end up resultant to the expression “there can be only one Highlander?”

Grandest Place

Rock Central School Lake Geneva

Rock Central is a non-profit music school with a fun and rocking atmosphere that offers lessons and experience to all ages. The instructors apply years of experience in music theory, vocals, keyboards, bass, and guitar. Let them guide you in channeling your inner rock star.

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