Looking on the Bright Side

Right here in River City!
Right here in the heart of the City of Lake Geneva, right in front of The Riviera, there it was. Staring everyone right in the face but with no one seeing it. Fortunately, Dan Winkler and the Beautification Committee members spotted the obvious blight and came to Lake Geneva’s rescue. They convinced the City Council to take $100,000 from TIF, $85,000 from the Beautification Committee and thousands from the TIF’s tree planting fund to eradicate this blight. The blight was so well disguised at the entrance to the Riviera Pier nobody caught it. Thanks to the eagle-eye of Dan “Piggy Bank” Winkler being able to see through the existing beauty and spotting the blight, hundreds of thousands of dollars just laying around doing nothing could be committed to fixing it and enriching a local landscaper and God knows who else. The city is now doubling the size of the brick area around the Driehaus Fountain, because bricks are pretty.

Well, sort of. The Beautification (to nowhere) Committee gets to sell many more of these new bricks to people who want their names memorialized somewhere in Lake Geneva. It should be required that the bricks of local residents who buy bricks with their names inscribed on them be manufactured in a special color. The other bricks, mostly purchased by Illinois residents, could be stepped on instead. A new game could come out of that arrangement. It could be called “Hop Chicago.”

The Bright Side

A Real Beautification Committee

The Weed Warriors of Williams Bay

Williams Bay Weed Warriors hard at work. This wonderful group of women have been volunteering their volunteer their time to the city by weeding and planting as needed. This wonderful group has been getting together for about 5 years cleaning up the weeds and keeping the city beautiful.

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