What could a Hillmoor Park be used for?
Here’s a list of a few of the many ways it can be used. The Hillmoor property is very large, and could be divided into multiple sections in order to accommodate many of the items listed below, at the same time. For the maintenance, some items listed can be leased to businesses to minimize costs, just as parts of the Riviera are leased today. The development of the old Hillmoor Golf Course property into a major city park is not a new idea and really it has already begun with the Frisbee golf course, dog park, nearby skateboard park and tennis courts.


  • For Winter Activities there could be:
    1. An Ice Rink
    2. Cross Country Skiing
    3. Snowmobile Trails
    4. Snow & Ice Sculptures
  • For Summer Activities there could be:
    1. Hiking Trails
    2. Walking Trails
    3. A Golf Driving Range
    4. A 9 Hole Par 3 Course
    5. It could be used as a starting, ending or gathering point for Swap meets, Rallies, Benefits, Charities and fund raisers
    6. It could be used for Picnics
    7. Camping
    8. Zip Lining back and forth over the White River
  • Activities for smaller Kids could include:
    1. A wading pool
    2. Trampoline
    3. Merry Go Round
    4. Monkey Bars
    5. A Nature Maze
    6. Tetherball
    7. Slides
  • Some other Misc. uses are:
    1. A Labyrinth Maze
    2. An Art Sculpture Park
    3. A sandy area for Sand Castle Competition
    4. Extra Parking
    5. Historical Reenactments
    6. A visitor wall or walkway where visitors can pay to engrave names, dates & events on a brick or paver for the wall or walkway.
    7. And many more potential uses.

The Hillmoor property, like words in a dictionary, is not about the property or the words themselves. It’s about how they are used.   Words can be used for love and or hate, and Hillmoor can be used for enjoyment and enrichment, or purely for profit. The choice about a comprehensive map change belongs to the members of our city council, but it is feared that they if they vote for a change then it might put an end to any hopes for a park-like multiple use area. As well as open the door to permitting the wrong kind of development on that property.

As Joni Mitchell penned many years ago, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” Losing Hillmoor would be a horrible way to learn that. For the City of Lake Geneva, and its future, the city council members should vote “NO” to the Hillmoor comprehensive plan map and zoning changes.

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