Looking on the Bright Side

Flowers in Bloom. “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”
Some credit the golfer, Walter Hagen, to have been the first to use this quote in his 1956 book “The Walter Hagen Story.”   Others say the author of the quote is unknown. Flowers surround us here in Lake Geneva. One could drive all over town appreciating people’s personal flower gardens. Most flowers in Lake Geneva are still in full bloom. There are hanging baskets on every light post downtown, thanks to the Beautification Committee, and those beautiful flowers are dwarfed in beauty by the rose garden owned by Doug Amon on County O in Delavan. You may remember seeing a story on the Geneva Shore Report Facebook page about that garden a few months back.
Stop and smell the roses, or whatever flowers are available.

Stop and Smell the Roses


Chris Ann’s Helping Hands. A wonderful change comes to Lake Geneva. Her business card says, “Helping our community, one donation at a time.” Chris Ann is a lifelong resident of Lake Geneva and the Lake Geneva area. She is the founder and president of ‘Chris Ann’s Helping Hands’, a charitable organization, located at 406 Interchange North on the northeast side of Lake Geneva, right across the street from Next Door Pub. The current sign on her building says, “Chris Ann’s Resale”. Her new sign will be going up soon. Chris Ann has always had a heart for those in need.

She grew up poor and knows what it’s like to be hungry, and has always been thankful that there were considerate people around that helped her family. Her parents started a resale shop in 1982 to help locals who were suffering through hard times. They provided low cost everyday items like clothing and furniture. Chris Ann did the same when she started Chris Ann’s Resale in Pell Lake in 2010. That shop now has 8,000 square feet of inexpensive goods available. More and more people have come in with heartfelt basic needs, so Chris decided to pursue being a charitable organization a year ago. She now accepts donations like clothing, furniture, appliances, toys and more (that she will write receipts for) which are tax deductible to those who donate items.

Recently, she was very excited that a wealthy family living on the lake decided to donate all their furniture. She said that it will be a wonderful low cost or free way to furnish someone’s home that normally couldn’t afford nice furniture. Free items are available at her store to people who come in with a recommendation letter from a case worker. Chris Ann loves to provide an outfit for someone who is going for a job interview. Chris says that helping others is her passion.

Chris Anne's Helping hands

Chris Anne at Chris Anne’s Helping Hands


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