Op/Ed By J. Strauss


Reality, as we assume it to be, does not exist as we assume it to be.  A statement as seemingly oxymoronic as that might be made by any physicist worth his or her salt living in the modern era.  The phenomenal world is the place that most human beings occupy while living on planet earth.  The real world is simply too impossible to accommodate without using devices to mask over its mysteries.  Light is the single element of energy all humans depend upon.  Without light for any extended period of time life, as humans have come to know it, disappears into death.  Forget air, ground, leaves, water or any of the rest of it.  Light is it.  From light comes the energy almost all living organisms must have to survive (exclusive of some simply animal and plant structures found deep at the bottom of the oceans living off of heat from volcanic vents).

But light is a lie, when considered from the safety and comfort of our phenomenal world.

It is supposed to have a maximum speed (ergo it must have mass since things without mass don’t moveLight is a wave? at all, like vacuums), does not travel in a straight line and doesn’t act like it has any mass or substance unless it is asked to have such properties.  How can that be?  How can the single energy supplying life-providing substance to the universe not be what it is supposed to be?  And how does the lie of light play over into the general and specific systems of duplicity human beings have found indispensible for survival?

A very clever physicist, named Thomas Young, figured out that light travels through space as both a particle and a wave.  That cannot happen in the phenomenal world.  But it has been proven to happen in the real world.  Modern tests with the latest equipment and theoretical horsepower have proven this impossible fact.  A coherent light source such as a laser beam illuminated a plate pierced by two parallel slits and the light passing through those slits was observed on a screen behind the plate. The wave nature of light caused the light waves passing through the two slits to interfere, producing bright and dark bands on the screen, a result that would not be expected if light consisted of classical particles. However, the light is always found to be absorbed at the screen behind at exact points, as individual particles (not waves).  These “interference patterns” appear because of the varying density of this particle hitting the screen. Versions of this experiment, including detectors at the slits, find that each detected photon passes through one slit (as would a classical particle), and not through both slits (as would a wave). The results demonstrate the principle of what I caused wave–particle duality.

It would be better called the greatest lie of physics.  Light cannot travel as a particle and a wave at the same time. It cannot convert itself from one to the other either or all of physics studied and concluded through the ages goes straight upside down.  It would also appear, when the experimenter’s varied the tests to induce a particle result instead of a wave result, they got what they sought; it acted as a particle.  When they wanted light to be a wave, it was a wave.  The notion of man as god came into being.  If the experimenter is deciding what is going to happen at the micro level of physics then is not the experimenter (read human) determinant in making decisions about everything in the universe?

And so, at the bottom of everything human beings know, the bottom being described as Quantum Mechanics, everything is founded upon the impossible.  Something that cannot exist as it appears is determinant in everything that happens in the known universe.  Without any knowledge of this phenomenon human beings have based their social survival on a similar proposition.  Humans had to eat other animals, and still do, for maximum energy potential to compete with other humans, so other animals had to become lesser animals to assuage and promote their consumption.  Even today, when such animals as whales, dolphins, great apes and chimpanzees are known to possess true intellect, those animals get locked up, killed and even eaten on a regular basis.  In dealings with one another there is seldom any truth at all in human communications.  One of the most discomforting revelations of the modern era has come about because of television transmissions reaching to and from every location on earth.  The discovery everyone watching television is coming to is lying.  There is little truth anywhere on the planet when it comes to human interaction and communication.  This discovery is not nearly so discomforting because it reveals that others are lying, for the most part.  That was assumed by most humans all along.  No, the discomforting part is that most humans watching television have come to understand that their own web of lies is no longer likely to be accepted as the fact they’ve been presenting it as.  The phrase “I’m not lying about this,” has become a phrase of humor instead of a phrase of serious expression.

Take this right to the local level where all of us live, Lake Geneva.  The city council meeting of two nights past.  An ordinance was proposed to deny anyone who is not a ‘resident’ of Lake Geneva the right to speak at any meetings in the future.  The reason?  So residents may be better heard.  So the residents, recipients of the city council’s representative governmental support, can be better served.  In reality, few residents ever attend those city council meetings.  Other citizens around the small lake feel they are affected by decisions about the lake being made by the lake’s biggest metropolitan area (the City of Lake Geneva).  In other words, the city council is lying.

If challenged by citizens on the street the members of that council and the mayor leading them will say “I’m not lying about this.”


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