Op/Ed By J. Strauss


Our truth.  Our very own foundation of truth is buried deep under our layers of self-imposed and externally applied honor.  Our truth unshorn of disturbing beliefs and semi-scientific application.  Our truth we hold to be internally self-evident.  This truth is the rock-solid and yet wavering interpretation we human beings all hold to be the motivating factor at the very basis of our behavior on an hourly, daily, monthly and even annual basis.

All humans accept the possibility, likelihood and very high probability that our internal system of checks and balances cannot be expect to be hauled out for decisions requiring almost no time at all.  The American criminal system is founded upon the vital motivating component of intent.  Was the intent to commit an act that’s against the written rules and then was the intent one of cogent commission with mental facilities intact?  And this same behavioral measure is, by and large, applied to how Americans think about how they should react to almost all social, physical and even mental decisions.

If anything, modern times have seen a staggering increase in leaning more toward the commission of a crime (breaking a formal social rule) and how much intent might have gone into the act.  In a drunk driving case, for instance, almost no human being imbibing too much alcohol actually ever intends to drink and drive.  No, they generally drink and then make a decision to drive which is heavily dependent upon the amount of alcohol they consumed.  That there might have been no intent to drink and drive at all becomes irrelevant in the current application of most drinking and driving laws.

In the macro real world Americans live in, matter become more complex, but can be just as seemingly illogical (it is illogical to assume that a person too drunk to drive a car is not too drunk to make the decision to drive).  Human beings today are ruling their lives by committing acts based upon circling particles of assumed truth they are using to bounce off their internally derived system of honor, or what should be right and wrong.  This circling ring, where things are discovered, sent to the center and then spring-boarded back out to become actions, is heavily influenced by observably facts to found the ‘things’ considered for action.

Mass Media has come to play a huge role in determining the core belief systems Americans are holding at their very centers.

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