Op/Ed By J. Strauss


Ethereal battles spring up and rage across America and the world, as forces on many sides attempt to vie for better positioning to improve survival.

Recently, in Indiana, part of America’s claimed Heartland, a bill was passed to make it possible to use religious beliefs to prejudice treatment of gay people. The law is called a Religious freedom restoration act (SB 568) in order to properly disguise its true intent.  But that true intent is only another surface subterfuge of deeper dark intent.

The deeper darker intent is one that goes back millions of years. Back then what was to become the human species brachiated through the branches of forest and jungle trees, pulling down fruit to fall to the floor below. Swarms of proto-human beings swarmed the forest and jungle floors to gather in the fruit to survive. The competition for food was terminally serious.  Brute force in battling for food proved effective, and the proto-humans began to grow. The largest got the most fruit. Deceit became the refuge of the smaller less physical specimens.

Humaniids Evolution RFRA


And then life changed.


The pre-human animals either left or were forced from the forests and jungles. Survival on the plains and velds of the rolling flatlands denuded of large vegetation required adaptations in the form of increasing brain size, flexibility and speed. Memory had to grow massively in speed and volume to cope with changing geographic and the identification of many other species of plants and animals. And then things changed again and modern man was born.

Physical speed and size became less important to these modern humans because tools and machinery were invented to perform most difficult physical chores. No human can match either the strength of steel or the speed of a computer. With these changes however, one thing remained a constant.

Evolution of Humanity


Humans propagate at a high level for their size, but rather than quantitative propagation with the intent of continuing the growth of population by numbers alone (as with termites and most other animals) the propagation became qualitative. With technology it became less necessary to have man spawn to work the land, hunt, or gather in plant growth. The built in hard-wired need to propagate never lessened as these developing changes affect humans to the point we see so very evident today.

The law passed in the Great State of Indiana has very little to do with sexual proclivity or physical acts or even appearance. It has everything to do with the exact same kind of mental activities leading to similar legislation around the world. Whether the legislation and belief system applications effect Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, poor people, disabled people, people of almost all minority religions or merely people who can be considered to be “different from the norm” in any way are deeply effected down to the level of their very survival by these laws springing forth using belief systems long designed to hide their true intent.

These belief systems leading to such seemingly draconian laws are based upon the fierce competition for everything necessary to human survival.  Food, shelter, health, assets and the money humans use as the medium to distribute those necessary items of survival are fought over so viciously any alien arriving on the planet form another world might find astounding, unless that alien had sprung up from such competitive muck as makes up almost all of planet earth.

 There is no truth in prejudice. 

It is all about lies. Prejudice is about diminishing the value of other humans around so as to gain advantage in surviving on this earth for as long as life will allow. All the reasons for prejudice of almost every sort are merely thick layers of coverings to make the exercise of deliberate prejudice and the application of terminal treatment of those targeted perfectly allowable and acceptable to the mass of society no so affected. Although everyone knows that being Chinese, being Black or being homosexual does not necessarily make any person among those identifiable groups smarter, nicer or better than any person of different colors or persuasions, such horrid applications of nasty killing prejudice, as will be once again demonstrated by the effects of the new law passed in Indiana, are easily overlooked and ignored.  The very act of objecting to such laws is to risk being assigned into membership of the group being prejudiced against. Through the millions of years of human development surviving humans have found it to be much more effective to quietly and fiercely kill off a competitor, rather than argue, outperform, or accommodate the competitor’s actions.

Indian SB 568 RFRA

Humanity cannot hope to change its orientation about those deemed to be different (and indeed, any human can be determined to be ‘different’ given the right competitive circumstance) until it comes face to face with the duplicity of how what we call prejudice is oriented and applied because of our own basal needs for survival and not for any other reason. Competition for life and sustenance on planet earth is so tied up with the fiercely driven fear of simply staying alive with any sort of comfort that it remains incapable of arriving at truth when it comes to dealing with other humans, except to continue to announce that is always arriving at truth.

Somehow, for humans to become the stewards of the universe they must find a way to contain this awful paralyzing and lying-inducing fear.

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