Where do we place our importance, as vital, caring and intelligent human beings?

Do we place it at all, or is it rather, in today’s information, sales, and advertising culture, that our importance is placed for us? Is not all of it so complex that we really don’t know the difference anymore? Humans follow religious beliefs based on no personal experience whatsoever. God does not come down and talk to humans, at least not to you or me. He is purported to come down and talk to some exclusively and rather weirdly placed humans, or at least so they say. Humans follow political beliefs based upon about as much real-life experience as they have in following religious beliefs. Humans watch, read and listen to news reports that they take to be truthful and valid all the time, and Internet trolls make careers out of such naivete on the part of the general public. But what it all comes down to is the existence of an inner-decision-based core, running up and down inside the psychology of every single human, or the lack of such a core. What is it that you or I are willing to believe, and what changes to our psychology and actions will we find acceptable after consulting our core, if we have such a thing.

The phrase ‘fake news’ has been spawned to take advantage of the fact that so much of media and Internet data presented is neither founded in fact nor based upon empirically proven information. The reality of our very lives at every level are malleable. We should all know that going in, but we don’t. Most people simply will not accept that science, those things found to be ‘true’ based upon many repeated tests of a process to arrive at the exact same conclusion, is also subject to opinion. Following opinion, it is also based upon conditions.

The speed of light, for example, is about 186,000 miles per second. However, when light travels through water it slows down to about 140,000 miles per second. So, what is the speed of light? It depends. This same logical analysis of the speed of light can be extended to cover almost every situation involving ‘facts’ on the planet or in the universe as we know it. And we don’t know it. We have representations and opinions about it to allow us to believe in knowing it. Only a very few humans have been to the moon, so we all know it is the moon, and not something else we see revolving around us up there in the sky. Or do we know it? Were you one of the astronauts who went there? Probably not. Therefore, you must believe the representations and stories coming from the men who went there and returned. Well, everyone does not believe those stories and the concept of fake news continues to be fed.

Importance is more pertinent in discussions about experiencing life on a blissful basis, than belief or truth or facts. Those are the underpinnings of what we, as humans, use to form our feelings about importance. Our observations and experiences are usually tied to the observations and experiences of others. That the phrase ‘fake news’ was only recently born to be trotted out through all of media and communication is surprising because the practice of modifying or adjusting the facts to fit the accepted forms of human behavior goes back to the dawn of civilization. The importance of considering what is important to you as a human being, for your very continuance on the planet, is vital to the interests of everyone. In spite of the vital nature of finding and centering oneself to survive, and even add to the progress of civilization, there is little set up to encourage humans to ‘stop and smell the roses,’ a phrase so aptly descriptive that has fallen into disfavor over the years. Without the realization and discovery of meaning inside of ourselves there is no meaning outside of ourselves. So many human beings complain of being lost today. What’s been lost is not substance. There is more substance than ever, even if distributed less equitably than before, but what there is is less meaning.

There is little opportunity to change those things around us to such a significant extent that meaning can now be derived from what held little meaning before, however, there is every opportunity to find meaning in those things we normally don’t even notice because we don’t ever come to a full stop in life, or slow down enough to ‘smell the roses.’

Think of stopping for the briefest time without explanation or attention. Think of slowing down to reflect and to consider, and the result might be truly amazing.

~~James Strauss

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