This article is only incidentally about Donald Trump. Have you figured it out yet? People who support Trump don’t necessarily support him or what he does. However, they have come to dislike the people who oppose Trump. They dislike them from deep in their very believing souls. They dislike them because of race, social standing, and basic philosophy of life. The Civil War was fought over the exact same principals, beliefs, and feelings that are so evident everywhere today. The Trump defenders are not defending Trump so much at all, as they are indicating that they don’t like you or anything you stand for if you oppose him. That’s why Obama and Hillary are brought up all the time. You will note that there is no chance in hell that Obama could have gone to Helsinki and cozened up to Putin like that. He would have been impeached by the conservatives as a traitor. Hillary too. And the people who are ‘supporting’ Trump can’t wait for you to complain about what he does if you disagree. They don’t care what he does. They care about a total dislike of what they perceive you to stand for. They perceive themselves as hard-working, never loan or borrow money, never give a dime, never back down, god-fearing, and tough-as-nails ready-for-combat types. They see you, if you oppose Trump, as none of those things. Today’s deep national divide, once again, has little to do with the characters who’ve risen to the top of the heap. The national divide is about undisguised disgust, directed in what the Trump supporters see as a downward direction, and opposers of Trump, who see the supporters as dumb and misguided. Yes, the supporters of Trump see you as weak, needy, black, brown, yellow or red, crying and lazy complainers who want the life they think they have if you don’t support him. Television’s rise and the Internet’s creation has only illustrated what has been there and is not going away, for a very long time. You, if you are Trump detractor, react to this bitter hatred with a brand of your own. Me too. So here we are, and the solution is staring us all in the face. Truth. How do we get there and how do we accommodate one another if we can somehow view the truth as truth? They are tough and weak. You are tough and weak. They accept help when they need it, just like you and I do. They believe in the same God, for the most part, that you and I do. Some have more stuff and some have less. We are the same, but we do not see it that way. How can the mass media begin to heal this mess through truthful portrayals of those things? It’s not about what people, including the leaders, do. It’s about what we all believe.

The problem becomes one of accommodating one another, without killing one another. Differences in foundational beliefs about leadership, earthen and heavenly, have caused many people to kill many other people. To this day, most religions teach openly that those who do not believe as they do are going to some sort of hell after death…and the feeling about that death maybe needing to come sooner than later is only lightly disguised. People who believe in Trump have thrown their faith behind him. No amount of truthful reporting of his lying, his prevaricating, his stealing or even cozening up with the country’s enemies is going to change that. In spite of it all, the faithful to Trump believe that whatever he’s doing, and most of it’s a secret to all of us (or so they believe), is in the best interest of all of us. Yes, they are as angry at you for not understanding and not going along as you are with them for not understanding and yet going along. They see you as blind and you see them as dumb. Out of such deeply emotionally charged belief differences wars have begun and been viciously fought. Hundreds of thousands to millions were killed in Armenia, Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and more places. Those heartlessly murdered human beings were killed because of a difference in beliefs. Most war is said to be fought over stuff and real estate.  WWI and WWII were supposedly about oil. Vietnam too. The Civil War was fought over the economics of slavery more than the humanity of it. But, in reality, those wars were really about the same single thing. They were about belief systems implacably put into place that would not allow for other beliefs to breach the original belief system’s “walls.”

Is the United States in the middle of one of those seismic shifts where the movement of the earth (foundational beliefs) will be so great that when the beliefs come to a slow rising crest that a huge tsunami of violence will be released to rush from coast to coast, killing believers on both sides in wholesale amounts?
~James Strauss

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