The CEO of Twitter was interviewed earlier this week on CBS. He was interviewed because of the growing controversy about social media sites offering too much in the way of troll attacks and personal invective. Amazingly, the CEO of Twitter said that it should be fairly easy to distinguish between toxic contestations on social media and those of meaning and substance. This guy is supposed to be brilliant, so I am going to presume that stupidity did not produce such a stupid response. Everyone on the planet understands that one person’s comfort and definition of meaning is usually different from another person.

So, why did he say it? He said it to defend himself in advance for what is coming. What is coming is nothing more or less than people like him, the right winger that he happens to be, deciding that stuff they don’t like is toxic, and therefore taking it down. The Internet cannot be allowed to continue as an open forum of any kind. It is the only threat, the way the right winger’s see it, to their complete triumph and subjugation of the almost every living thing on the planet. Get ready for some quite interesting times, before things blow sky high. About publishing and allowing Trump’s complete fabrications and lies presented unimpeded daily on Twitter, the CEO merely stated that Twitter would not be the arbiter of truth. Censorship comes at us in all different forms, like blocking protestors from being within hundreds of yards of political leaders, advertisers and owners forcing newspapers and television stations to publish what they want, and many more. But, one that is right here and right in our faces on Facebook and Twitter, is the coming interpretation by the ‘masters’ of the electronics of our communications networks that will crush the voices of those without powerful voices in other areas already established.

Arguing, criticizing and even condemning written words or speech is not the kind of censorship being discussed in this article. Denial of existence is the kind of censorship being discussed. Words, sentences, and paragraphs are simply never allowed to see the light of day. Social media has entered the American culture with such a heated rush, and so effectively, that its pervasiveness isn’t even considered by the population. Social media online holds the same place in most American’s lives as cell phones. Life changed significantly in the mid-90s, with the application of these two areas of invention. There were no dissenting opinions about just how much freedom was to be gained by having all kinds of variations of these devices and programs. But the limitations of freedom are steadily creeping their way into controlling these electronic venues thought to be unquenchable bastions of communications fire.

The human condition is one of ever-seeking genetic dominance, and no amount of rational human thought is going to change the controlling data buried deep inside every human’s DNA. Censorship is one way of controlling other humans by keeping them from information that might influence or change their belief systems or behavior. The invention of these vastly effective communications devices and programs have changed the world, but they have not changed the hearts and minds of men and women. Human beings will continue to attempt to control other human beings while they lie about the fact that such intent exists at all, and then is so forcefully driven.

Each of the last four presidents, including the current one, have been dead set on adding more and more layers of secrecy, and then censorship, against critics. Each in his turn, without respect to party affiliation, wanted more secrecy and some kind of censorship. We humans do not succeed so much by our dominating performance but by our ability to kill off or disable the opposition. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more of these sites will find themselves throttled back, while the discovery about where cell phones are carried and what’s being discussed on them will increase dramatically. The leaders of all the countries on this tough planet, are tough players and in it for the maximization of the best form of survival that they can put their backs and minds into. Silencing you allows them to have bigger voices or even any voice at all. Fight that attitude, that sociobiological power, and that kind of dominance you see coming at you because it will marginalize, hurt and even kill you.

~~James Strauss


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