The Afghanistan war was not about women or the abuse of women. It was not about Al Qaeda, September 11th, or Osama Bin Laden. Those were all contributing bits of a mosaic that established a comprehensible picture for the puzzle that had to be assembled to allow for the invasion and then the continuation of the invasion of other countries, and the throwing of great amounts of cash into those places. The ‘take’ of the masters of it all, those including heads of giant military-industrial corporations, political leaders right up to presidential level, and the senior executives of so many intelligence agencies and forces, totaled out to be more than 1.5 trillion dollars of the 3.00 trillion dollars spent on the war so far (there is plenty of PTSD, veterans affairs, and expenses for those evacuated left to pay).

This monstrous ‘war,’ coupled with the monstrous affair of the Iraqi war, was patterned off the ‘success’ of the Vietnam war. The patterned war, where winning or losing didn’t matter, but the attribution and the public realization of what was going on did. The stolen money of the Vietnam debacle was never ousted, nor is it today. These wars have been grand successes for those who plunged everyone else in but always remained remote from actual combat. They did not fight. They, nor their family members or friends, did not die. Their children continue to rise and run great swaths of the American culture with fabulous reputations, chateaus, private jets, and yachts. That this corrupt execution of such a violent and well-hidden operation succeeded…well, the UFO phenomenon has to be considered as an excellent template. Even today that ‘phenomenon’ is not allowed to be discussed in social circumstances and certainly not in economic terms, even though the official sources have eased up about claiming no aliens exist or ever did exist to our knowledge. These kinds of secrets can be and have been very effectively hidden from public view. The Taliban are not the killers, not on the scale I am laying out here.

No, the men and women who must have the money, and great gobs of it, are the killers…and they kill relentlessly and with great skill, using cowardice and deception to fool their minions into actually committing the violence. You know many of their names, but you will never either mention their names in reference to what I’m writing or out them with others. Fear remains the number one motivator of all humanity and it works so effectively that its ability to do that has to also be denied under every circumstance.  Grown males driving giant pick-up trucks illustrate that point all the time.  Their stickers often say something like “no fear,” which is, of course, an indicator that fear is ever on their minds.

The Taliban are not executing anybody right now in Afghanistan, as the remaining Americans try to sort out who should stay in their own country or might be better served by having evacuated.  Evacuating indigenous citizens is a huge undertaking, as they must be provided all survival and comfort capability, along with language, religion, and other supports.  The simplest fact that should be self-evident to everyone in the USA is that these people are truly bereft of just about everything as Afghanistan has been reduced to rubble.  Now, the only source of money, solace, or any other benefits is leaving the country for good. How would any rational person react to such an event?  The equipment that was left in-country was never intended to be repatriated.  It’s too old, too abused, too out of inventory, and too expensive to ship home.  Most of it gets disabled and left behind.  Most of the citizenry will be left behind, as well.

There is simply no other way to handle the overwhelming size and nature of the problem.  The current leadership will do its best, but never be able to measure up to the judgment of so many citizens back here in Americans who, quite literally, have no clue.



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