This too shall pass. Much is being made of the rise of White Supremacy and its potential to tear the country apart, especially following the W.S. content of the forces that attacked the House and Senate. However, the country is deep, strong, and enduring. It can handle the attack and the aftereffects, just like it did following 9/11. The difference is sitting in the White House right this minute, counting down to his expulsion or expiry of his contract with the country. He has supported the rise of White Supremacy and then egged the loose unorganized movement on. Punishment and prosecution, his leaving office, and the removal of all those awful sites like Q’anon and Parler, and the denial of Trump’s voice to be heard by Twitter, Facebook and more, will probably kill off what is left of this movement. It’s by no means a universal movement across the country. The incoming administration will also have a likely calming effect on the nation….a healing effect, as we get back to fighting the virus, delivering the vaccines and helping restart the economy with stimulus and good sense. I awake today with hope in my heart and a small expectant smile on my face. Happy New Year…which will finally be happier on January 20th.

The ‘million-militia march’ that was being planned for January 20th of 2021. The planning was all done prior to the Senate and House debacle of January 6th. What’s changed? Well, for one thing, the Trump is not coming to the inauguration, and, in fact, will not be in D.C. for the event. So much for the great leader being present to lead. He said he’d come to the protest on the 6th but then didn’t show. There’s a couple of huge effects from the 6th disaster to consider here. The public sentiment for resisting Biden’s inauguration has substantially shifted. He’s going to be president no matter what now. And the public did not take the break in of Congress well at all. The second effect that has occurred here is the public portrayal of the police as being weak and ineffective and the national guard not showing up. Well, guess what, a police officer died. That’s huge to cops and the military. They are coming to D.C. and I would not be surprised if 60,000 or so didn’t show up from all nearby states and governmental departments and the police agencies. They are not going to kick ass and take names this time out. Any resistance will likely be met with a ferocious overwhelming response anywhere at any time. The other side now knows that, as the members of the protest, complacent or not, involved or not, are being hunted down as if they are escapees of some prison facility or running from some murder or other violent felony. Everything changed, whether for good or worse, because of what happened. There’s not going to be a million-militia march. The conservative Trumpers will be lucky to have a ten-man march, and those ten men are not people you want to be around for that length of time.

Where is all this going? The mass media has fastened on the House/Senate attack like instant glue on one’s fingertips. There’s no getting away. What is Trump to do, as the media is joined by social media sites like Twitter and Facebook that have banned Trump forever, or at least until after the inauguration? We have seven more days of Trump. Everyone is finally figuring out that he has the nuclear codes and there’s really very little that can be done to stop him if he decides to launch. His codes go directly to the firing sites in silos, subs, and aircraft. It does not go through the Pentagon or any of that. All the men and women who man those nuclear launch sites have to be reached in order to stand them down, which is totally against their orders. So, here we all are, waiting, waiting, and then waiting some more. Who would have believed that we’d be here in this position? Well, I did. But I never figured on the D.C. disaster. That single screw up on the right-wing side has almost universally destroyed the Trumper movement. It’s there, alright, and will survive, but it’s rapidly dwindling in size and scope. There will be no million militia march on inauguration day. There will be no Trump in 2024. Trump will not retain enormous power because, without the podium, he has little power, real or imagined, and he’s going to be fighting tooth and nail all the time to stay out of prison.

It is, indeed, the dawn of a different age, and whether that is the Age of Aquarius or something else is yet to be decided.

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