What about UFO stuff? Really! What other part of the social discourse is all about something that cannot even be discussed without ridicule and shame being heaped upon the person bringing the subject up? Does that fact, not in of itself, reveal that something is really wrong here? Why are human beings prevented from talking about, writing about, or having a civil discourse about UFO phenomenon, without those humans being immediately considered mentally damaged?

The continuing phenomenon of UFO sightings, historical study of older cases of such expressed viewing, and the latest whispered comments and entries on Youtube have created something that will simply not go away. Why does it continue, and when did this “movement” really take off? WWII saw the rise of “foo fighters” reported by aircraft pilots about strange advanced air machines flying with their planes. Prior to that, science fiction writers had written for some time about aliens populating nearby planets and encountering the earth in all sorts of scenarios.  The government opened up Project Blue Book because of so many after war reports about these supposed vehicles. Blue Book quickly closed and concluded there was nothing to any of the reports. People’s overactive imaginations and the ability of human beings being easily convinced by others to go along with whatever they might be told were the reasons given for reports the Blue Book people said could not be physically substantiated in any way. Blue Book was succeeded by another more classified program of the Department of Defense, but those findings have never been made public. The government of the USA, and almost all others on the planet, now don’t study the phenomenon at all. But there has emerged a groundswell of witnesses who remain huge in size. Fully forty percent (40%) of the American public has seen a UFO so convincing that its appearance and disappearance in their lives have never been forgotten and no authority has been able to declare the sighting imaginative or made up. Forty percent at least say that this is the case.  Have you seen a UFO and do you have either the sufficiency of courage, or foolishness, to admit it on this site? If you want to write about it then the GSR may well be the place for you to share, because the government has also gotten rid of every UFO magazine out there, and driven real science-based fiction books into a state where they are only of historical significance.  Publishers have been encouraged not to accept science-based science-fiction anymore. The genre itself was converted into what’s called fantasy.

Art Bell was a late- night commentator who reported on UFO stuff. Art died. The GSR is thinking of recreating the show and bringing it back. Not because of GSR staff beliefs in the existence or non-existence of these UFO crafts or potential extraterrestrial beings. No, GSR staff is thinking about doing it because of some of its members’ own life experiences in the UFO area.

Each experience has scared the hell out of those who witnessed things, but for most of them, it was like being right next to a flow of hot lava. It’s terminally hot material, but when right there next to it, anyone’s hand wants to reach out and touch the beautiful stuff.  What do you people out there think? Have you seen a UFO in your lifetime? The Kite Lady has, a few years back, and the GSR was called, roared to Wrigley Drive, and took a photo of it. The photo was sent to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), the private operation that still studies the phenomenon, but nothing further happened. ~James Strauss


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