Banishment. Sociological murder. Yes, banishing people. The oldest form of capital punishment, implemented from twenty to fifty thousand years ago, is banishment. Way back in these early days, designated violators of rules (we call them criminals now) were banished. They generally died pretty quickly. No other tribe would take in the banished. The Banished lost everything, from physical necessities to social contacts. It was not worth living, in fact, it was not possible. So, they died. The tribe that banished the guilty could move on without having to deal with the consequences, or really experience the emotions, of killing other human beings. And now, we come to modern times, as typified by the dreamers. They are to be banished. A million or more of them. Those kids who were brought here without a clue as to where they were or what might happen to them as they got older. They are to be murdered, for all intents and purposes. Nobody does any real studies of what happens to modern banished humans when they are forcibly dropped into the midst of a tribe that does not want to accept them, or even provides them with anything. They won’t know anyone where they’re sent. They’ll quietly die, and that’s why nobody wants sociological, anthropological or even statistical results tallied on what happens to them. They are simply gone, so there’s no emotional hangover.

Our American culture, run by conservatives, is about to commit wholesale murder on a scale most Jews, Native Americans and Armenians can understand, but few others. But they won’t gas any of the innocent children, now grown, in showers. They won’t burn their bodies to cinder and smoke in big ovens. No, American’s will deny their German heritage, but in application only. They will banish these kids, now grown, and then not let anybody know about their passing. How did I come up through the American school system and become so imbued with everything so important to myself and those around me when I was young? Things like the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Statue of Liberty, and so much more? How did I buy into all of that and then allow myself to be led by these awful Nazi-like human beings? Are these metamorphic slime people, their philosophy of life designed by Ming from the made-up planet of Mongo, are they going to murder these humans to supposedly protect me? What am I supposed to think about that? How is it that I could possibly, with my background, have been brought to a point where I spit upon, and literally hate, the very idea and existence of current American leadership? How did that happen?

There is much discussion about my recent short article written about the banishment of the DACA immigrants that I wrote on the Internet. I called this banishment murder because it is a form of velvet-handcuffed with a muffled-muzzle, kind of murder. We fly the banished out. They land in a country where they do not speak the language. They take no land or homes or development with them. They take what they carry. They are dumped in a third world country, where they are immediately identified as prey, by the very people dumping them. They are starved, beaten, robbed and eventually die as totally needy and unproductive members of their new country. Their death is recorded nowhere, and certainly not back in the wondrous American country that killed them.

And yet there is room. There is so much room in America, but Americans have been led not to understand that. They no longer study geography, much less so many of the other sciences. The DACA crowd is presumed to be about a million people. America’s smallest state is Rhode Island. If you take the state of Rhode Island by square miles and divide it into equal parcels, then you could award each DACA immigrant more than half an acre each and they would not fill up the area of our smallest state. There would be plenty of land left over. If you made that New Mexico, only the fifth largest state, then each DACA immigrant would have enough land that they could not see one another. This country is huge, so huge it is hard to comprehend. It is also terribly underpopulated. Everyone is gathered in only a few places compared to the total area. If you stuck the DACA immigrants in Alaska, our largest state, you would have to mount a search party that would take a day or more just to find one of them! Yeah, we don’t have enough room! And notice how immigrants, all kinds, seem to work so hard, but the people complaining about their existence here mostly don’t work at all?

This land, this America, is made for you and me. Woody Guthrie’s song “This Land of Your Land” is wonderful, and it speaks directly to the fact that the occupation of this country by humans, and in fact the occupation of the whole earth, is sparse indeed, except for that part of the human condition that requires, demands and will kill, over ownership. One human may occupy only a few square feet, or at most part of an acre, but humans extend their ownership to include more and more and ever more until the whole earth under them is owned. And still, it is not enough for them. How do we back down from here? In the song, on the sign, it said: “No Trespassing.” But on the other side, it didn’t say nothing, that side was made for you and me.” ~ James Strauss



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