United States Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler* died on June 21, 1940. He would, if still living, and running the Muller investigation, never ever have backed down and spent so many hours of writing and speaking to cover his own ass when it is obvious what happened at the very top of our

Smedley Darlington Butler (July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940)

Smedley Darlington Butler, US Marine Corps Major General (July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940)

government during the last election. After that election, and since the election of Trump, there has been nothing but one giant (and barely covered up) crime after another. It is obvious Mueller did not, and is not, going to do anything about it. He cowed and bowed down in supplication to the nation’s leadership. He cared, it seems, but unlike Smedley, he could not stand against the executive powers of the country. His report is a covering report of anemia. It is toothless and feckless, and at best, carefully drafted to be just that. Trump obstructed in ‘prima facia’ public fashion and then admitted to doing so in public. It does not matter. Mueller declared the president immune from the law while he serves, which is a total lie according to everyone and every legal authority that is not one appointed by the president in question. Mueller folded his tent and is now ready to enjoy the fame he built for himself.

It’s a shame that that fame will not honor him. He will go down as anything but the wounded Marine officer who served in Vietnam. What a damn shame to see, not only for the people across America who deserve so much better but for the United States Marine Corps and Mueller’s family. The family will now live with a man that is allowed to remain alive and alone…but he won’t really be alive…although he’ll really be alone. Smedley, being the towering man he was, will stand at the pearly gates and shake his head gently when it’s Muller’s time. Smedley, being Smedley, will also let him in, not for what he didn’t do for the country this day and in performing the investigation, but for what he did in Vietnam. He is my brother Marine and my brother combat veteran, and my brother wounded in battle…so, like Smedley, I will now let him slide into the remainder of his self-imposed social exile.

The fact that Trump could not have won the 2016 election, based upon his mostly spotty and lonely support of mostly male and female rural white Americans, lends total credibility to the fact that it is now openly, and finally, admitted that Russia was involved in hacking election polling places in all 50 states. In fact, the Mueller report actually stated that the Russians had penetrated the Illinois voting machines to the point where they could have physically changed the results, but for some reason that’s not anywhere understandable, chose not to. There is no way Trump could have beaten Hillary without votes being changed, and that is also verifiable simply by looking at the number of counties in swing states that voted 100% Trump. Nobody across America gets 100%. It’s just not that kind of cussed, hardscrabble and obtuse voting population inhabiting all parts of the country. So, they changed the results hither and yon, and now Trump is president and there’s not a damned thing anybody will or can do about it. But the next election is coming. Mr. Trump and Mr. McConnell know that and therefore, also know that the popularity of Trump nationwide is even less than when he ran the first time, and it’s not likely to get any better. That means that they need the Russian (or whomever) hacking capability again. That means that they have to have hacking help in getting it. Hence, McConnell won’t allow any bills to appear before the Senate that might interfere, or be presented for a vote. Voila! That is what happened the other day. The country is sold out…and these minions of evil are likely to be with us, and running things, for quite some time to come.

“These are the times that try men’s souls,” according to William Shakespeare, back when the times were also tumultuous and hard. These are the times when bifurcated, busted and broken belief systems are reassembled by dullards and charlatans to form scarecrow representations of real-life humanity. These are the times when friends fade from warm closeness to a colder reality of their own accommodation. These are the times when there is the truth, but the discovery of it is both ephemeral and fleeting. Do not expect truth in friendship, just hope for the continued existence of the relationship. Do not allow the swirling currents of political expression and hard leadership reports to cause you to lose your friends, for they are the supportive force of bliss and happiness in most of the remainder of your life. Never forget the Madison quote, when he was in his last days of office: “If you are given one true friend in this life then you are given one more than your share.”

And I will leave you with Henry Adams: “Today, I choose life.”

~James Strauss

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