The social order, the social condition, and the meaning of social itself.
The definition of social is simple, whether determined by a dictionary in exotic detail or in seemingly understandable catchphrase like ‘we are all in this together.’ Social means to be together, in its loosest but most easily understood form of a word. Human beings, through time, have come to conquer the elements, the planet, and even the solar system, and beyond because of an inherent, innate, and therefore genetic talent of ‘hanging together.’ We, humans, do things together. And the power of that is stupendous when combined with rational intellectual application leading to learning, and then using that learning to the benefit and communication of the social order. The gift of human language is another magnificent manifestation of the great intellect humanity possesses, but this gift is tainted by the fact that language, however, expressed, is filled with all manner of speculation, doubt, lies, and downright made up crap.

How can real discussions occur when the clouds of deception hang over everything and then rain down mercilessly without relief? How can a discussion that is riven with a foundational lie be discussed and acted upon as truth? How about ‘tough love,’ or ‘belief with verification,’ or now, ‘we are together while being alone?’ bother to be considered as anything but what they obviously are? And that’s lies. We are social beings and we’ve come to be that way through eons of time because it has worked. We are not going to change quickly into some other sort of beings, or grouped beings called social orders. Not going to happen. We can cancel all the groups, sports, concerts, meeting events where people gather that we want, but we are going to gather.

At the beaches. Close those.
At the parks. Close those.
On roads. Close those.
In homes. Outlaw that. And so on.

The social order cannot order itself out of existence because it is not a function of either discussion or nakedly open decisions. It’s in us. It’s staying there. As I continue to repeat, the harder and harsher and more punishing attempts are made by people in power, who either don’t care or profit mightily from the misery, to divide and conquer the population in the name of this virus, or any other will kill orders of thousands (or more) for each individual the virus takes into its own. And this will lead to a social implosion and then explosion that the world has never seen anything like unless somehow it is stopped. I firmly believe, however, that the mass media cannot stop itself. Governments cannot stop themselves. Most people other than those either won’t believe or won’t know. Mankind is a wonder, but it is inherently selfish in its expression of social conduct and also inherently not too bright (the average I.Q. really is a 100!). Show me some hope to pull out of this steep dive we’ve somehow begun losing altitude over and moving hard and fast toward a ‘ground’ which can only give us all one result. I can’t see it.

Tesla, the electric car company, is a perfect example of the social order being brought together in order to focus and build products that continue the now rapid advance of what humanity calls civilization. The fruits of invention are founded with one human but the results of so many other contributing, working, creating, working, and receiving compensation, profit, and grand benefits. Not all humans agree with what Tesla is doing and selfishness and ‘survival of the fittest’ also are right there, forces of both good and evil, depending upon perspective. Here is the rationality of Tesla’s, and Elon Musk’s great social effort.

Tesla begins to prevail on the 4th of July!

American as apple pie, the United States Marine Corps, and racing crazy cars around Talladega. Why are all the car manufacturers down in sales right now? The virus has hit them hard, but not Tesla, and the stock that backs it is showing that difference. At the start of April, the stock was in the low four hundred and these days it’s up around $1400 per share. That’s stunning growth in a time when the market itself has been all over the place…again, is deeply affected by the virus and the nation’s reaction to it. Why is Tesla kicking butt? Think it through. Yes, it is a wondrous product, super quiet, faster than almost any car on the road and classy inside and out, but that’s not what is driving the sales and the resultant stock price. It’s the plug. You can plug it in at home. You don’t have to go a gas station or convenience store and use other non-sterile stuff or hang with unmasked people who might have the virus. That’s as simple as it gets. Not to mention the prices on Tesla are decent and the resale is stunningly high, although few people resell a Tesla once they get one, unless it is to get another Tesla.

Are these cars of an amazing present and stunning prediction of the future expensive? The Model 3 comes in at just under forty thousand, which is about the same as a fully equipped Ford F150 or Silverado 1500 pickup, the most successful selling cars in America (although not likely for long).


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