Facebook wants to go “private.” According to this morning’s news sources, the owner and board members of the Facebook operation want to move Facebook more into private communications and away from public discourse. Facebook comprises about sixty percent of all Internet communications, by the way. This whole story thrust they are pushing is just a total load of poppycock. The lie about protecting data and communications persists. The old security crap is dredged up to cover what is really going on. The Internet is considered the potentially most dangerous communications device on the planet. It is considered dangerous by the right, left and in between, simply because people can write on Facebook, for example, and reach so many other people with their opinions.

That has to stop. The people in charge, the owners, the controllers want to have that privilege but they want to have it alone. They want a return to the time when only certain filtered voices were able to reach large groups of people. They want the current free spread of opinion by anyone and everyone stopped dead in its tracks. They want you, yes you, to shut the hell up, then listen and read their stuff only. Then they want you to ‘do’ based upon what they tell you and write to you about. Religion grew up on that principle. The priests and ministers had the pulpit and that was it. Nobody else had any large audience to speak or write to. Then came the printing press and everything started to change, until these dark controlling powers got publishers and media owners to throttle down the sourcing of this wonderful invention. Now, along comes the Internet, which basically destroyed the book publishing business and the newspaper media business almost overnight. The Internet did this by removing the filters of editors and publishers. And those people who control things are pissed about that. So, here it comes, Facebook throttles down to again suppress what people might write or say…or be able to write or say in any public way. Shut up and listen, then read, and then do what you are told.

Maybe you don’t use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or any of the other Internet social communications sites that have arisen to replace and take over what used to be regular face-to-face discussions people used to have. Maybe none of that is important to you even though you are affected by its results. There is much less face-to-face communication in our culture than ever before. That is hurtful to people from different and older generations. The younger people have already acclimated. The freedom to change is what the United States offers, in spades, if you will, as a Trump card, if you will. Most humans, upon reaching any state of comfort, do not like change and that is evident in how many people remain unhappy about just about everything in this day and age. It is all changing so fast.

Online purchasing is replacing comforting old corner stores. Television constantly blares news that seems way too dramatic to be news. Self-driving is all but gone and regular cars are being replaced with deathly silent electric models.   People don’t answer phones anymore, they just call back if they feel like it. Face-to-face communications are “fact-checked” using cell phones, and depending on sites like Wikipedia that is a site admittedly not necessarily filled with real facts! It is considered okay for people to sit around a dinner table (or anywhere else) and be on their cell phones texting other people not present. The challenge with change is how to try to first direct that change and then secondly, and most importantly, how to adapt to the change without burning out or going off the emotional deep end. There is no more “going private.” That potential is gone. Public information of almost everything and everyone is a natural result of how the Internet works and there is no going back.

The direction of that change is established. Now, consider how to accommodate the fact that this open distribution of information is part of the freedom ringing across the land, and most of the world.
~James Strauss

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