Mitch McConnel actually makes Donald Trump seem not so bad, sometimes. For one thing, he makes Trump handsome in comparison. The word troll comes to mind when I see that man on television. And then he opens his awful spewing mouth. Today it was all about how the deficit, that is skyrocketing due to the tax cut, is the fault of social security and Medicare. That kind of bitterly nasty lying would not seem to have a place on capitol hill, except the new capital hill is a throw-back to the early origins of the country. Rotten lies, and then worse, just come pouring out of these people’s mouths without end. And there is no price for the lying because the mass media has so pacified the general public. The country has taken a poison pill to allow these republicans to come in and basically take over the entire nation.

Is there an antidote that can be taken in time? I have hoped so, but as the days wear on it seems less and less likely. None of these would-be challengers to a pitiless, and pitiful, Trump seem to give a damn about the nation either. And that’s not good. Where do we lost citizens go? We wander in the wilderness that is not a wilderness. We graze in fields of grain, filling ourselves with a worried knowledge that those fields will not be there in the near future. Maybe there are enough bikers, biker chicks, pick-up drivers and non-combat military guys and gals to run the country their way. Showers and soap optional. With a belief in ‘git ‘er done‘ all that is needed to do.

Not the most positive hopeful time in my country’s, or my own, history it would seem. But then, there have been other bitterly contested times. Fights over issues as huge as slavery or world war have led to internal violence and even civil war. There is not a gentle time in modern politics, and maybe that is true for all the time back there and in other countries that have formed up and eventually went away. But those difficulties do not take away from those of modern times in any way but by comparison. Donald Trump has been elected to run the country and that has hacked the country right down its very center, like a giant meat cleaver or hatchet. Families are divided, places of work are divided, and there are a good number of people across the land who simply will not talk to one another. The nation claimed to want significant change when it selected an inexperienced childish man to run it, and change the country has gotten, but more change in the people who sought change than in the people who were brought in to lead it.

What is truly wrong with Donald Trump, and what has happened? His tweets this last weekend about John McCain demonstrate something that has been there all along, but also revealed something new. Whatever Trump’s issues may have been with McCain, including that whole military thing, they can’t be relevant anymore unless some standard of logic is used that nobody can understand. Yes, McCain’s daughter is still out there and no fan of Trumps, but is that it? McCain is dead. Now becoming long dead. Why bring that stuff about his background back up? It was quite enough to be afraid of Trump because he does not read (by his own admission), he does not work much (by his own admission), he likes deadly dictators of other countries (by his own admission), he hates Mexicans and more, (all also by his own admission)…but, the McCain thing, the ranting about that dead guy, is something of a different order.

Those tweets indicate a mental instability on the part of the man sending them. What is there to do with a U.S. President running off the rails of sanity? Ronald Reagan was bonkers for at least his last three years in office, and that’s admitted by everyone now. His wife Nancy ran the show, using astrology for her guide. The country bounced itself successfully down the road during that time. Is there hope that Melania might be able to get this country by as her husband goes through his time of great mental challenge and trial?
~ James Strauss

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