Entropy is the word physicists use to discuss the passage of time in physical terms.  Entropy basically means that things, stuff, energy, and so on, go from a state of organization to disorganization, never the reverse unless interfered with.  Human beings interfere with this thermodynamic law all the time. In fact, in physics, human existence is mostly defined by this reverse process.  Humans build things, make things happen, and interfere with the natural process all the time.  Many people think that the advancements made by humans in almost all areas are a waste and a danger to the environment and the planet itself.  Those humans are usually speaking or writing after a full meal, a good night’s sleep, and in air-conditioned or heated enclosures.

The word civilization is a noun but, in actuality, is a process that is continuing at an advancing rate for all of humanity, except for those parts of the species living in near abject poverty or in certain wilderness parts of the landmass on the globe.  Time has folds during this process, little places and turns that run back to the progression of what we consider civilization.  When these ‘folds in time’ occur, the rest of humanity, recognizing what is happening then seeks to smooth this area out and bring the whole system back into alignment and on the trail of the never-ending fight to beat back entropy. Failure, or these folds that I am describing, is very much a part of the stuttering advance of civilization.

Examples of such failures abound; part of the population refusing to be vaccinated because of bad information, or information not believed, a big part of the population coming to believe that science is mostly wrong, basing these conclusions on a complete lack of education and foundation of bizarre and near idiotic rants and raves on television and the Internet.  Science is only the recitation of what has come before, and the delineation of those things that work and those things that don’t.  Science then continues to work toward more and more discovery along those lines.  Recently, in the history of the United States, science has been under attack by humans who want control, power over others, and more money than others possess.

An entire movement has been generated atop a huge foundation of lies and misrepresentations.  Liars are not pointed out, identified, and then shamed on national television, as they cone were, particularly if holding powerful political office. This has allowed the long collected and acted parts of science to be discredited, and none of that discrediting has been about the betterment of mankind or even the citizens, residents, and visitors of the USA.  The most important part of the new Save America Bill that the current administration is trying to get passed puts $54,000,000 behind getting rid of all lead pipes still in use for drinking water across the country.  The number one symptom of lead poisoning is a reduction in intellectual capacity.  To not accept the results of scientific investigation, as with the new vaccinations, is continued stupidity, needless suffering, and potential death.

Time is passing, and the fold in time that presented itself as this country’s initial reaction to dealing with the virus has been huge.  The nation’s birthrate was already in decline (for the past 22 years) but now will become even more precipitous as the results of less physical contact brought about by the reaction to the virus begin to be counted.   The country needs the absolute reverse of this last failed administration’s immigration policy installed immediately.  The result of a culture that does not reproduce at a rate that is, at the very least, a break-even situation is a long lingering death.  A culture cannot long survive the lack of the introduction of many younger humans. Older humans cannot continue to perform the work necessary to continue the rise of civilization.  That rise that took so long, can be over, and the culture with it, in very short order, however.  We still have time, but in order to use it we must come to understand that time is a limited quantity for all of us as individuals.  Our strength is in our numbers and our community, which gives us all power, hope, and continuance, even after we are gone

~~James Strauss

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