New ground. This is all new ground. Nobody can predict what is going to happen with respect to where things are going because the new technologies have changed everything to such an extent that the present is moving into the future so fast that normal human brains cannot comprehend the level and extent of the changes. All humans can do is accommodate as best they can…and life becomes a gathered broken-up mass of eight billion humans scrabbling to try to keep up to something that cannot be kept up with. Automatic driving is coming, and sooner rather than later. Electric cars are beginning to proliferate. Cell phones are rarely even used for phone calls anymore. The television has been taken over by learned men and women who understand that it only exists to entertain in order to command attention and then divert behavior toward goals only the network and cable owners know about. Secrets have not been cast aside by this communications flood of interconnected electronic devices. No, secrecy has expanded, with those not getting the secrets reduced to multiple low blue-collar service jobs. There are no longer multiple classes of a society divided succinctly by economics and education. Now there are two distinct species spawned from one human race. You either have power and money or you do not. With wealth and family contacts comes access to the secrets. The lower species, the Service Species, gets access to only what is needed for them to serve. Like the parking attendants have keys for some expensive automobiles so they can park the car, but they are not able to open the trunk or the glove box. The two species are not equal in any way, including by number. Only about ten percent of the U.S. population is in the higher Human Species. Ninety percent are in the Service Species. Control of the Service Species is maintained through the use of television to convince the service species that it is great to be of service, and how it is so much more relaxing to not know the secrets, and how real honor and courage are to be found in following and not leading.

The police and military are given a differential control system to manage the service population. The budget in the USA, combining military, police, corrections, probations, jurisprudence, and therapeutics for this control of the Service Species, is just short of four trillion dollars a year. That is twenty percent of all the money that changes hands in the U.S. every year. And nobody is able to figure out where any of this is going. Whom would ever have dreamed in the fifties that water would sell in bottles for more than beer? That people would not need home phones anymore and could have communication everywhere at any time of day and night? And, along with those astounding changes, that roads and bridges, airplanes and railroads would not improve at all? That votes across the nation cannot be accurately tabulated or counted? This is new ground and nobody, but nobody can predict what is going to happen next. If you are reading this then you are a member of the Service Species. The Human Species no longer reads. They don’t need or want to. They associate with servants only through material separators with this Service Species; through a glass, text messages, special hired service species slaves, and more. No anthropologic forecasting can be made because anthropology, sociology, social research statistics, and the humanities no longer exist in higher education.

How is it possible to glean anything from the news anymore when it is all the same, every day and every night? Eighty percent of the news is about Trump, what he says, where he says it and about how outrageous he is while saying it. Trump occupies eighty percent of all news time not devoted to sports or weather. What is the real problem with this? That the public comes to believe that Trump is at worst a lunatic and at best a serial liar? Yes, over time. But the real damage is all about what is not being broadcast so people can influence the present they live in and the future they hope to live in. What isn’t making the news? Oh, how about high-speed trains? What about the wholesale rebuilding of roads and bridges? How about the latest in physics, astrophysics or even geology or oceanography? How about the in-depth stuff on automatic driving and electric cars? How about controlling and rolling back private electric companies and the coming crisis in private water ownership? How about the people the U.S. and other countries who we are killing every day with drones? How about the ceaseless senseless war in Afghanistan that’s still going on? How about where our military is all over the globe and what it is doing? And so on. All of that is being excluded from the news and more. Global warming is only discussed in symptomatic ways, not in what must be done to influence it, and so on.

The news must cross the nation and penetrate into every area where the human condition is suffering or can be better with attention.

Woody Guthrie, in his song “This Land is Your Land”, had it so right, and he had it right because, unlike the news media of today, he was actually traveling back and forth across America and writing about his travels.  

~James Strauss

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