Stuck. What to do when representatives go bad? What to do when the country is so gerrymandered that most citizens wake up, read the paper or watch the television and have almost the same thoughts. They collectively whisper to themselves; “who are these people, anyway?” A tax plan is about to become law. Very noisy tax plan, about taking more money from the lower tiers of the economy and shifting it ever farther to the top tier. It is part of the inexorable shift that’s been going on since the Nixon era, when the republicans began their ‘think tank’ operation to take over the voting places (most precincts are run by republican election officials), gerrymander the states, and begin the process of first figuring out where the money is, or was, and then going after it. They got the savings and loan money first. They then changed social security from an investment program to pay as you go from the budget thing (they took the invested funds). They figured out how to squeeze the appreciation out of everyone’s homes a few years ago and they passed laws allowing for the usury common today in pay day loan establishments. They are the ones who make the money from credit card debt for which they make twenty or thirty times the interest that their banks pay to depositors. Now they want the money that goes into the Veterans Administration. They already took everything from mental health care. They send the U.S. to war, and then steal about half the money that is appropriated to finance it. Tanks and MRAP vehicles sit on the sand over in Iraq and Afghanistan, thousands of them, driven once and abandoned. They build ever more powerful weapons, and try to invent enemies to potentially use them against. New ballistic submarines coming out monthly, new destroyers and aircraft carriers…all built to go fight cave dwellers, or people who don’t even have electricity to have lights on at night. We are stuck with this mess of rotten, crooked, old, white, thieving men…who apparently want to take America’s women by force too….

What did the democrats do about all the thieving nastiness and crushing out of the American Middle class while all this was going on? Basically nothing, except get a share. The Obama administration was the first vote of utter defiance and total frustration the American public made against what dwindling resources it felt itself receiving. Eight years of an administration that got along to go along, and so went along to get along. The police state grew, secrecy intensified, off shore businesses grew while factories in the U.S. continued to fail and be abandoned. The Obama administration concentrated on getting a health care act passed that did not have a control in it for the insurance companies charging premiums. That was it. The second more violent and determined message that the American public sent to Washington was named Donald Trump. The public made this almost suicidal move because it is being killed. What does it have to lose? Even so, seven hundred billon is being thrown into the defense budget, productivity continues to rise dramatically (defined as getting more money from fewer employees), the rich are getting exponentially richer and the poor are getting exponentially poorer. The new tax plan will assure more of that, all approved by the public’s wild outcry against this kind of injustice. No one has gone after, nor will they go after, the huge number of offshore account holders who have trillions of dollars held in those offshore havens. The money isn’t there to protect it from taxes. It’s there because its origins cannot be explained or accounted for without jail time being the result. And all our leaders have offshore accounts. Each and every one. Hard to get people to investigate themselves.

All of this behavior is not attributable to selfishness, survival or a need to take care of one’s own. Most of this behavior is anthropologic. And the portion of the discipline devoted to this area of study is the one that examines male dominance behavior. And unfortunately, the world is seeing a return to the ‘thousand-pound gorilla’ kind of male dominance. Powerful human males still hunt and kill elephants, tigers, and lions, even though these animal populations have shrunk to pitiably low levels (there are on only 20,000 lions left on the planet while fifty years ago there 200,000). What has this activity got to do with powerful adult males ripping and tearing their way through human cultures, and taking whatever they want? It has everything to do with tribal behavior exhibited most enlighteningly in bamboo groups. The alpha male is everything in those troops, as is becoming the case in all of modern supposedly civilized societies.

Donald Trump is the most illustrative example of a thousand-pound gorilla that one could hope to find. His rise and takeover have been a function of the mass media, the information dissemination system of the world, including a good part of the Internet called social media. These modalities of communication have taken a stand, to not take a stand. The mass media has no expressed opinion about the powerful people it is writing and talking about. When there is no expressed opinion opposing these giant alpha males, then they increase their power, and there is no end to that increase, except death for those around them under their control. The powerful men of America, and of the world, are not hunting the remaining exotic animals of the world in nearly the number or effect as they are hunting you. And if the humans designated to be the ‘you’ in that sentence buckle down, and show the weakness and frozen terror of prey, then there can only be one result.

~~James Strauss


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